CROWD ROASTER was featured in the July issue of ELLE Gourmet!

CROWD ROASTER app was featured in the July 2024 issue of ELLE gourmet in a special feature called "Find your favorite coffee!"

CROWD ROASTER is a cutting-edge online platform that combines rare green beans from around the world with top roasters to allow you to order your favorite coffee. It offers an unprecedented freedom in coffee experience.

In recent years, the world of coffee has become increasingly diverse with the rise of specialty coffee. With so many options available, such as origin, variety, processing method, and roasting method, it can be hard to know which one to choose.

The theme of this issue's special feature is "Don't think. Feel," and it encourages people to not overthink things, but to instead value their own senses and search for their favorite flavors.
CROWD ROASTER is the perfect app for you to explore your tastes more deeply.

With CROWD ROASTER , you can choose your favorite beans from rare beans around the world and enjoy coffee while experiencing the difference that roasting makes. With an intuitive interface and a wealth of information, we will help you create your own coffee experience.

This issue also features " COFFEE VALLEY " by Koike Tsukasa , a roaster who is a member of CROWD ROASTER , and " ou.bai.tou.ri coffee roasters " by Machi Kodama .
In addition, CROWD ROASTER advisor and barista Ishitani Takayuki will also be appearing!

Why not take this opportunity to check out the July issue of ELLE gourmet and discover new ways to enjoy coffee? And use CROWD ROASTER to accompany you on your journey of discovery. Find your own special coffee with our cutting-edge platform.