Delivering Sapporo classics! Marley Manabu Narita 's tasting set is now on sale!

To celebrate Marley Manabu Narita 's participation in CROWD ROASTER , a tasting set of three different coffees, the " Marley Velvet Sweet BOX," is available in limited quantities!

This 50g x 3 set allows you to enjoy three types of coffee roasted by Narita : CROWD ROASTER limited lot from Brazil, a lychee flavor from El Paraiso Farm that is popular worldwide for its distinctive flavor, and a rare coffee from the Galapagos Islands.

Marley , located in Susukino, Sapporo, is a coffee shop popular with a wide range of customers for its carefully selected specialty coffee roasted in-house and chocolate made with cocoa beans roasted in-house.
Sapporo has a thriving dark roast coffee culture, and owner and roaster Manabu Narita focuses on the sweetness that only dark roasts can bring. While light roasts are the norm, he offers specialty coffee with a strong undertone of French roast, giving it a classic Sapporo flavor.

Narita roasted these three types of coffee beans for this set.

[CSLC] Colombia/El Paraiso Farm/Double Anaerobic/Lychee

[SJBA] Brazil San John Grande Farm Bourbon Anaerobic

[GLP] Ecuador La Primavera Farm Typica , Caturra , Saltimol Washed

The Sao Joan Grande Bourbon from Brazil is an Italian roast, while the El Paraiso Lychee flavor is a deep French roast. The Brazilian Bourbon has a firm nutty flavor, while the El Paraiso Lychee has a milky sweetness with a fruity flavor.
If you've only ever tried light roasts, I highly recommend giving this dark roast a try.

Also, La Primavera Farm in Ecuador is a rare coffee from a farm in the Galapagos Islands. It is a medium roast coffee with flavors such as orange and brown sugar.

"I hope you enjoy the depth of Sapporo's classic dark roast coffee!" says Narita .

This is Narita 's first special set at CROWD ROASTER .
We hope you enjoy the deep roast coffee that only Narita can make.

Quantities are limited, so please purchase early.

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Marley Velvet Sweet BOX
50g x 3 bags, total 150g