Getting Started with Hand Drip (1) Dripper Edition Kalita Wave Dripper

Coffee equipment with more options

In recent years, the home coffee scene has become more and more popular as various coffee appliances have been introduced to meet the needs of people who want to make more delicious coffee. I think there are many people who are wondering if this is a good idea.

In this article, we will introduce some recommended equipment for those who want to try brewing coffee in earnest.
The first part is an introduction to the dripper, which is arguably the most important device in coffee extraction.

Stable and reliable “Kalita Wave Dripper”

When choosing a dripper for the first time, what you want to think about is whether it can extract consistently. For stable extraction, I recommend the Kalita Wave Dripper. Uniformity is important for consistently brewing coffee. The wave dripper is an extremely effective device in terms of this uniformity.

Now, let's take a look at what kind of structure of the wave dripper achieves "uniformity".

Flat bottom makes pouring easy

There are many different shapes of drippers available these days, but the biggest feature of the wave dripper is that the bottom part, commonly known as the wave zone, is flat.

When brewing coffee, pouring hot water evenly over the ground coffee is the most important element, but until you get used to pot control, it can be difficult to pour hot water neatly over the entire pot.
However, with a wave dripper, even if you pour hot water unevenly, the flat bottom makes it easier for the hot water to spread over the entire surface and absorb into the powder evenly.
Therefore, even those who are new to hand drip coffee can apply hot water evenly to coffee grounds.

Benefits of Kalita three holes

Speaking of Kalita, I think many people have the image of "three holes". This "three holes" is one of the elements that can be extracted stably.
Kalita's three-hole dripper is unique in that the hole is smaller than a typical single-hole dripper. Therefore, by making three holes, we ensure the passage of hot water. This "small hole" allows for stable extraction.

If you are just starting out with hand drip, you may find it difficult to control the pot properly, such as controlling the pouring speed and thickness of the hot water.
However, the wave dripper has a small hole, so no matter how much hot water you pour into it, coffee will only be extracted according to the thickness of the hole. By doing this, even if you perform different extractions each time, the taste will be the same to some extent. This "stability" is what attracts Wave Dripper.

For those who are wondering what to buy, the first thing I would recommend is the Kalita Wave Dripper.
If you want to try hand dripping or are having trouble getting a consistent taste, be sure to check out the Kalita Wave Dripper.
It may solve the problem you've been having so far.

Can also be used by advanced users

The ``Kalita Wave Dripper'' is a dripper recommended for beginners, but one of the interesting things about this dripper is that it can be used by more advanced users with a little special use.
This method is called ``Tornado Extraction,'' and by mastering this method, you can achieve a ``huge aroma, clear flavor, complexity and body, and a long aftertaste.'' Is it true? I'm sure there are some people who doubt this, and I was one of them as well... However, my mindset completely changed when I tasted the best coffee brewed using this method. It's such a shocking extraction method.
I would like to introduce this on another occasion.

Please try out various equipment and find the one that suits you!
We will continue to introduce various equipment to you.

Hiroto Usukura