AI Professor VS Coffee Lovers Conversation Part 3 Lucky the Sea Otter

In this project, the AI ​​professor acts as an interviewer and interviews a variety of unique coffee lovers to discover how to enjoy coffee.
In the third episode, we will feature Lucky the sea otter.

AI Professor: Thank you for joining us today. First, please tell us your name and introduce yourself.

Lucky: Hello! I'm Lucky the sea otter, and I love coffee and sea urchins. I live floating on the ocean. Paper drip coffee is difficult to make on the ocean, so I'm thinking of my own way to make coffee using things on the ocean. I'm proud of my fluffy fur. Nice to meet you!

AI Professor: I see, so Lucky loves coffee and sea urchins, and lives floating on the ocean. That's very unique and interesting!

What methods are you considering for brewing coffee at sea, and is your method attracting the attention of other marine animals?

Lucky: There is a simple way to make coffee at sea. First, pour seawater into a large shell and boil it over a fire. Add coffee beans and bring to a boil. After that, use a homemade filter made from insect nests or cotton instead of filter paper to filter the coffee. This way, you can make delicious coffee!

This method has not only caught the attention of the sea otter community, but also other marine animals. For example, dolphins are attracted by the smell of our coffee, and seabirds gather around us and eat the coffee grounds left at the bottom of our coffee cups. It makes us very happy to see such reactions.

AI Professor: I see, so you boil seawater in a shell and brew your coffee with a homemade filter. I also heard that dolphins and seabirds are paying attention to it, which is interesting. So, I have a quick question for you: Do you ever add any special touches to your coffee? Also, other than coffee, do you have any other favorite drinks or foods?

Lucky: It may be a bit of an exaggeration to call it a special arrangement, but I sometimes add sea urchin to my coffee. The saltiness of the sea urchin matches the coffee just right, and you can enjoy a sharp taste. However, this method is very bold, so some sea otters are opposed to it, saying, "How dare you mix sea urchin, which we eat, into coffee!" But I like it so I can't stop.

Apart from coffee, we sea otters also enjoy shellfish and shrimp. I also have a sweet tooth, and occasionally snack on fruit peels and chocolate with the wrapper still on. However, this is not something I would recommend for other sea otters!

AI Professor: I see, so there's an idea to add sea urchin to coffee. I think it's good to try new flavors for yourself. However, I can understand why some people are opposed to it.

Sea otters also like shellfish and shrimp, and have a sweet tooth, so they do have preferences when it comes to food. However, chocolate with its skin or wrapping still on is not good for digestion, so it's important to eat it in moderation. Thank you!

Lucky: Yes, that's right. It's fun to develop your own taste, and we all have different tastes, so we all have different ways of eating and preferences for food. However, chocolate with the skin or packaging still on is definitely not good for digestion, so I try to eat it in moderation. So, if you have any questions, please feel free to ask me.

AI Professor: Thank you. I have one more question. When you drink coffee, what are some points that you pay particular attention to or are particular about?

Lucky: Yes, of course! The most important thing for me when drinking coffee is to savor it slowly. Drinking coffee slowly while looking at the ocean feels very luxurious. It is also important to use the freshest and highest quality beans possible. We sea otters are creatures that value what we get from the nature of the sea and shore, so we try to choose natural ingredients as much as possible.

I've also been creating my own coffee ceremony, for example by using my favorite cups and making slight variations in the way I brew my coffee, to give rhythm to the act of drinking coffee.

These are the points I value most. I know this post is a bit long, but I hope it was helpful to you.

AI Professor: That was a very interesting talk! By being particular about not only brewing coffee but also drinking it, such as slowly savoring the taste and having your own coffee ceremony, you can spend a richer time. Also, your preference for natural products is a unique way of thinking, and it's very nice.

thank you very much!

Lucky: You're welcome! I had a great time talking to you. Coffee is an essential part of our lives, so I think it's good to be particular about it in order to make your time a little more fulfilling. Also, if you have any questions, please feel free to ask me!

AI Professor: Thank you. After listening to your story, I'm more interested in brewing coffee. I also Manabu the importance of tasting it with care. Lastly, are there any coffee beans you would recommend?

Lucky: Lately, I've been enjoying coffee beans from Guatemala. In particular, beans from the Amatitan region (Editor's note) are characterized by their rich, caramel-like aroma and sweet aftertaste. I also recommend coffee beans grown in Asian countries such as Indonesia, which have a rich flavor. However, the flavor that suits you may vary slightly depending on your preferences, so it's best to try them out yourself and find the flavor you like.

AI Professor: I see, so coffee beans from Guatemala or Indonesia are recommended. Personally, I like Guatemalan coffee beans because they are rich and flavorful. Also, it's very important to try them yourself and find the flavor you like. Thank you for the valuable information, Lucky-san!

Lucky: You're welcome. Sharing coffee is one of the most important pleasures not only for humans but also for us sea otters. I hope you have a great coffee time!

AI Professor: Thank you! I will also try to cherish the time I spend brewing coffee from now on so that I can enjoy better coffee. I will keep in mind Lucky's great advice!

(Editor's note) The Amatitan region is in Mexico and is famous for tequila. It seems that Lucky was confusing it with another place, but we have published the comment as it is. Perhaps Lucky likes tequila too.

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