Last week's coffee market chart (2024-05-27 to 2024-06-02)

The market last week was all about running in circles, chasing our tails, like we were running around in the park.
Things got off to a somewhat muted start in early May, but then things really picked up midway through.

On May 21st in particular, he jumped bigger than the day before and bounced up high as if he had caught his favorite Frisbee.
And then, the week of May 28th to June 3rd, there was even more exciting activity than the weeks prior.
It started off at 216.05 and then took a big jump, rising all the way to 227.10 at one point.
Then it rose softly to 231.25, but at the end, maybe it got a little tired? It went into rest mode at 218.20.

This week, the price movements were larger than the previous week, and we were filled with excitement and anticipation, like we were getting our hands on our favorite snack.
There was a lot of volume and a lot of participants. I'm sure a lot of people were excited by this rollercoaster-like market.
So, this week's coffee market was thrilling and exciting, like I was the fastest person in the park and playing tag with my friend!