Cotowa Farm, a famous farm in Panama that has been going on for over 100 years [World Famous Farm]

There are countless coffee farms around the world.
There are coffee farms of various sizes and types in production regions around the world, from large farms run by global companies to ultra-small farmers who grow coffee in their gardens.
Among these numerous farms, coffee farms that became world-famous emerged as the idea of ​​specialty coffee, which emphasizes traceability and locality, flourished.
This series introduces "famous farms" around the world that can be said to be exceptional.
This time we will introduce Cotowa Farm in Panama.

A famous garden with a history of over 100 years

Cotowa Farm, located at the foot of the Baru Volcano in western Panama, is a historic farm that was opened in 1918 by Mr. McIntyre.
Using the abundant water flowing from the volcano, they built a hydroelectrically powered coffee selection facility, and began everything from cultivation to selection and drying under natural conditions.

Ricardo Coiner, the fourth generation and current owner of the farm, is highly regarded around the world as a leading expert on specialty coffee cultivation in Panama.
It has won awards at numerous competitions, and the ``Kotwa'' name is well-known as a brand.

Furthermore, in order to protect Boquete's beautiful nature and people's lives, we have planted more than 500 fruit trees in the surrounding area, reduced water use, and protected untouched forests. We are putting a lot of effort into this.
Kotowa Farm is supported by 5 farms.

The Kotowa farms are Finca Kotowa DUNCAN, Finca Kotowa Don K, Finca RIO CRISTAL, Finca Kotowa TRADICIONAL, It is made up of five farms: Finca Kotowa LAS BRUJAS. "Finca" is a word that means "farm."

The farm, located on the eastern slopes of Baru Volcano, overlooks the distant Pacific Ocean on one side and the rugged mountains near the Continental Divide on the other. The region's unique combination of weather conditions creates unique and complex flavors.

Five farms that support Kotowa Farm

Let's take a look at the details of the five farms.

Finca Kotowa Duncan

Region: El Salto, Boquete District
Altitude: 1,650m - 1,750m
Temperature: maximum temperature 22ºC, minimum temperature 13ºC
Precipitation: 1,900mm
Variety: Geisha , Caturra
Purification method: washed, natural

Finca Cotowa Don K    

Region: El Salto, Boquete District
Altitude: 1,700m - 1,750m
Temperature: maximum temperature 22ºC, minimum temperature 13ºC
Precipitation: 1,750mm
Variety: Geisha , Caturra
Purification method: washed, natural

Finca Rio Cristal

Area: Rio Cristal, Boquete District
Altitude: 1,700m - 1,850m
Temperature: maximum temperature 22ºC, minimum temperature 13ºC
Precipitation: 2,550mm
Variety: Geisha , Caturra
Purification method: washed, natural

Finca Cotowa Traditional

Region: Palo Alto, Boquete District
Altitude: 1,300m - 1,400m
Temperature: Maximum temperature 26ºC, minimum temperature 15ºC
Precipitation: 2,250mm
Variety: Caturra
Purification method: washed

Finca Cotois Las Brujas

In addition to the four fincas mentioned above, there is Finca Kotowa LAS BRUJAS, which was added relatively recently.

Because each farm has a completely different cultivation environment, even if you visit Kotowa Farm, each coffee produces coffee with its own unique characteristics.

For example, the coffee produced at Duncan Farms is certified organic in the United States and Europe. In 2020, Duncan's Caturra won second place in the traditional category of Best of Panama. Furthermore, in 2023, Las Brujas will take 4th place in the Varietals category (other than Geisha ), showing that it continues to be one of the top gardens in Panama.

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This is a luxuriously packaged drink comparison set of coffees from three top farms that win the "Best of Panama" every year: Altieri Geisha , Janson Geisha , and Hartman Miffinquita Chichogalo.

Dobashi describes the coffee as ``overwhelming'' and says, ``The flavor intensity, the complexity of the taste, the length of the aftertaste, the quality of acidity, and the high level of sweetness are overwhelmingly delicious.'' However, it is hardly in circulation.

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