Esmeralda Geisha 's "Montanya" lot is famous all over the world.

CROWD ROASTER has released a special project called ``Esmeralda Special Geisha Natural x Yoshiyuki Nakamura '' coffee.
As mentioned in a previous article , CROWD ROASTER team sought out the highest quality Panamanian Geisha and contacted Esmeralda Farm through BRISA & TIERRA, a trading company specializing in specialty coffee Geisha I was able to purchase ``Esmeralda Special'' in nano lots.
In this article, we will provide detailed information about the Esmeralda Geisha lot of this product.

The Esmeralda farm is divided into small sections.

Within Esmeralda Farm, there are three farms growing Geisha varieties. They are named Jaramillo, Cañas Verdes, and El Velo, and Jaramillo is the farm where the Peterson family, the owners of the farm, first discovered Geisha by chance. Geisha was planted in a plot at an altitude of 1,600 to 1,700 meters at this farm, which is always covered in fog, and the first representative lot of Esmeralda Geisha was produced.
<Canya Verde Farm Covered by Forest>
Forested Caña Verde Farm
In Caña Verde, Jaramillo is cultivated at a maximum height of 1,700m, while the cultivation area is even higher at around 2,000m, and the different microclimate from Jaramillo produces Geisha with a different personality. Although there is a dry season of three to four months here, the air is cool.

This half of Caña Verde was part of the land that was included when the Peterson family first acquired Esmeralda Farm in 1967. At that time, the farm was a pasture for beef cattle, and later for dairy cattle.
However, several small producers have long cultivated coffee in this hard-to-reach area.
It wasn't until the 1990s that the Peterson family began growing coffee in earnest.

After Geisha was rediscovered, the Peterson family purchased a small parcel of land surrounding the original Caña Verde farm and expanded Geisha production. Since then, the many award-winning Esmeralda Geisha lots have come from this Caña Verde foothills.

Caña Verde parcels, each with its own distinct flavour.

A signboard indicating the lot name
A signboard indicating the lot name
Caña Verde is divided into 12 plots, which are more like scattered plots on a slope than one large plantation area (some of which are adjacent, of course). Except for Diamond Mountain, which grows Catuai, they grow Geisha .

Each plot has slight differences in climate, temperature, sunlight, and even soil, and Esmeralda Farm says each plot has its own unique flavor. Each plot is several hectares in size, with Montaña having a cultivation area of ​​just 0.5 hectares.

It's very interesting, so here's a list of the different flavors of Caña Verde that the farm offers.

Montaña : bergamot, jasmine, peach
Tumaco : jasmine, chocolate
Cabaña : jasmine, watermelon, peach
Leon : Jasmine, Strawberry, Peach
Fundador : Jasmine, melon, sweet
Lino : Peach, red apple, jasmine
Coronado : Jasmine, lemon, sweet
Chinta : Peach, lemongrass, jasmine
Trapiche : jasmine, lemon, strawberry
Colga : Sweet, light floral
Nido : (unknown)
Diamond Mountain (Catay): nuts, oranges

Looking at it this way, Esmeralda Geisha 's signature flavor, jasmine, is the main flavor, but each one has a slightly different flavor.
It's amazing that the batches are managed to such an extent that these slight differences can be expressed.

Managing the production of such micro-lots requires a major overhaul of the traditional production process, and many farms have not been able to do so.
However, Esmeralda Farm has been working on lot separation since the beginning of growing Geisha , and its long experience has made it possible to carry out such strict management.

Montaña made its name known around the world through auctions.

Now, this special product, Geisha , is natural from the Montaña section.
Montaña's Natural is famous for being sold at the 2017 International Fair of Panama for $601 per pound, the highest price in the world at the time (Saza Coffee and others were the successful bidders).

This sale lot was born from Montaña, which became famous in this way.
As expected of Esmeralda Farm, which is thoroughly managed, the data is also provided in detail.

"Montaña 2SN"

Lot name: Montaña Montaña harvest farm: Cañas Verdes Cañas Verde area: Cañas Verdes Caña Verde harvest area altitude: 1,690mts
Process: Natural Annual precipitation (estimated): 3,500mm
Average temperature: 16-23 degrees during the day, 10-15 degrees at night Average tree age: 16 years Lot harvest range: 0.5ha
Harvest date: 2022/1/7
After harvesting, it is dried on African beds for 47 days.

In this way, Esmeralda Farm's coffee is not only high quality and rich in flavor, but also the thorough management that ensures traceability and the thorough disclosure of detailed information, which makes Esmeralda Farm's coffee special. There is an aspect to it that makes it something special.

Quality is a given, but Esmeralda Farm has created a system to firmly support that quality.

Enjoy Esmeralda's coffee with the best roast

A special product made by roasting the introduced lot "Montanya 2SN" by Japan Roasting Champion Yoshiyuki Nakamura is now on sale!
The world's best Geisha x Japanese champion roast!
This is a special coffee that can only be enjoyed on this occasion.

For this project, we selected four sections from among several special sections at Esmeralda Farm, and each was finished using two processes: washed and natural.
The first product will be a brand made from Geisha seeds harvested in four sections using a natural process.
We plan to introduce the remaining three stocks in due course.
Please look forward to this too!