What is the globally popular “ Geisha species”?

In the world of specialty coffee, you can now find many different varieties of coffee.
Among these many varieties, the one that is overwhelmingly popular is Geisha variety.

Geisha is an elegant coffee with distinctive flavors of jasmine and florals.
In this article, we will introduce Geisha species.

Geisha Found in Panama

The Geisha variety Hikaru came to prominence at the ``BEST OF PANAMA'' international coffee fair held in Panama in 2004.

Esmeralda Farm in Panama noticed the high cup quality of the previously forgotten Geisha variety and began cultivating it.
In 2004, it was submitted to the "BEST OF PANAMA" competition, where it won the competition and was sold at an unprecedented price.
This event, known as the " Geisha Shock," led to Geisha becoming the world's most famous coffee bean in a single day.

Esmeralda Farm's Geisha variety has continued to win every year since then, and in 2008 it became so popular that a Geisha category was established at the fair.

The " Geisha shock" continues to dominate the coffee industry, with Esmeralda Farm's Geisha variety reaching a high price of $170 per pound in 2010.
After that, the number of farms growing Geisha seeds increased rapidly. It has now become a popular variety grown all over the world.

Flavor influenced by cultivation environment

Geisha variety, which is native to Ethiopia, is known to be very delicate when it comes to cultivation.

Geisha 's unique floral and jasmine flowers can only be produced if the following conditions are met: moderately high altitude, low temperature, appropriate sunshine hours, moderate rainfall (not too much), and fertile, well-drained soil with a pH value of about 5 to 6. It is said that it is difficult to produce such flavors.

Geisha Geisha variety is a very picky variety to begin with, and you will not be able to enjoy its characteristic flavor unless it is grown in a limited and optimal cultivation environment.
With the recent Geisha boom, it is said that there has been an increase in the number of cases in which Geisha seeds are grown even if the cultivation environment is not suitable.

Geisha name commands a certain high price, so farms all over the country are cultivating Geisha variety, but it is easy to grow high-quality Geisha varieties that are floral, elegant, and have sufficient sugar content. It does not mean.

How to identify Geisha

Geisha beans have a distinctive shape. It has a long, narrow, vertical shape.

There are also many Geisha varieties on the market that claim to be Geisha varieties but have rounded bean faces.
However, it is said that it is difficult to feel the unique floral flavor from such Geisha .

For example, as you can see from the image below, the Esmeralda Special handled by CROWD ROASTER has an elongated shape that is typical of Geisha variety.

Geisha is an elegant coffee that is loved by many people.
This variety, with its unique and distinctive flavor, will continue to be loved by many people.

We hope that everyone will enjoy the high quality Geisha and experience its features.
At CROWD ROASTER , we would like to continue to introduce you to the wonderful Geisha , including Panama.