Basic dripper Kalita stand format

It is no exaggeration to say that everyone has seen the "Kalita stand type dripper" at least once.

It's been about 12 years since I got into the world of coffee, and the first dripper I ever got was this Kalita stand.
In today's article, we would like to take a look at such a Kalita stand type dripper.

What is Kalita?

First of all, what kind of company is "Kalita"?
For over 60 years since its founding, the company continues to popularize regular coffee as Japan's only manufacturer specializing in coffee equipment, manufacturing both paper filters and equipment.
We have continued to popularize regular coffee since our founding, and the driving force behind this was our success in developing paper filters and a three-hole dripper.
This made it possible for anyone to easily brew coffee, and contributed to the expansion of Japan's coffee shop culture in the 1960s.
Even now, we continue to create new coffee equipment and are loved by many coffee lovers.

Recommended for those who are just starting hand drip

I want to start using Kalita's trapezoidal dripper by hand! This dripper is recommended for those who like this.

What kind of places do you recommend?

There is less blurring due to the way hot water is poured.

One is that there is less shaking due to the way the hot water is poured.

Compared to a conical dripper, a trapezoidal dripper can suppress variations in flavor due to the way hot water is poured.
Three small holes suppress this blurring.
Because of these three holes, no matter how much hot water you pour into the pot, the water will only be extracted according to the size of these holes.
Therefore, constant extraction can be achieved at all times, and there is less variation in taste due to the way hot water is poured.

sharply carved ribs

The long groove extending inward prevents the filter from sticking, aids in extraction, and serves to smoothly guide the extracted coffee to the server.

The smooth flow allows extraction at a constant speed, ensuring stable extraction at all times.
By doing so, you can extract a stable taste.
Another thing is that it is easily available.

Kalita's trapezoidal dripper is so popular that it is often sold at your local supermarket or home center, and the price is low.
Therefore, it is relatively easy to obtain.

I think many people start hand drip using the Kalita stand format.
Why not try using it as a basic dripper first?

Hiroto Usukura