Beautiful Coffee Life 06

Lifestyle interview project 6th!

We asked people we met around town who lead wonderful coffee lives about how they enjoy coffee!
This time, it's "Mike".
Editorial Department: Hello. nice to meet you. Please tell me your name.

Mike: Yo, hello! My name is Mike. nice to meet you!

Editorial Department: Mike, could you tell us about your daily life?

Mike: I usually play music at clubs and parties as a DJ, and have a show on a radio station. Also, I love coffee and it's part of my daily routine. On my days off, I probably enjoy playing sports with friends and working on creating new music.

Editorial Department: What kind of music in particular do you play?

Mike: I like Hip Hop, R&B, and electronic dance music (EDM). However, I also change the genre depending on the mood of the day and the audience. When selecting songs, I try to surprise the listeners by incorporating new songs and including remixed songs in the set.

Editorial Department: I see. What does coffee mean to Mike?

Mike: Coffee is my best companion. My daily routine is to drink a cup of coffee after I wake up in the morning. Before I even get into the DJ booth, I like to get my energy up with some caffeine, and if I get tired during a set, I like to refresh myself with coffee. Coffee is an essential part of my musical performance.

Editorial Department: Would you rather have coffee than alcohol? (lol)

Mike: (laughs) Well, I guess I prefer coffee. If you have coffee, you can feel free to drink it anytime and feel refreshed. I like to enjoy alcohol on special occasions such as special occasions and parties, but coffee is an essential part of my everyday life.

Editorial Department: Mike's DJing is all about coffee.

Mike: Yes! For me, coffee is an essential part of a DJ performance. With music and coffee, I feel like I can perform at my best!

Editorial Department: Do you have any recommended music and coffee combinations?

Mike: Well, my favorite combination would be espresso and Deep House. Espresso has a rich aroma and flavor, so it goes well with music that has a strong beat or bass. Deep House has a rhythmic and comfortable beat that you won't get tired of listening to for a long time, so listening to it with coffee will give you a luxurious feeling.

Editorial Department: Interesting! Can you tell me one more thing?

Mike: Another recommendation is the cafe latte and Jazz. Café latte has a rich milky feel and is mellow, and Jazz has a mellow and calming atmosphere, so I think if you listen to them together, they will complement each other and have a great time. I also recommend the iced coffee and Reggae! Iced coffee is refreshing and Reggae has a relaxing feel, making it the perfect combination for hot summer days!

Editorial Department: Mike's unique coffee mix!

Mike: Yes! For me, music and coffee are inseparable, so I enjoy various combinations. Sometimes I make coffee along with music. If you have a chance to listen to my DJ play, I hope you enjoy my recommended combinations as well!

Editorial Department: I would love to listen to it and try it!

Mike: By all means! I hope you enjoy both my DJ performance and coffee!

Editorial Department: Thank you!

Mike: You're welcome! We'll see you somewhere!
Mike's profile

Mike Jackson is a 24-year-old DJ, radio personality, and music producer. I usually play music at clubs and parties, and have a program on radio stations. We choose songs centered on Hip Hop, R&B, and EDM, and we also place importance on surprising our listeners by incorporating new music and including remixed songs in our sets. I love coffee and it's part of my daily routine. In my free time, I enjoy playing sports with friends and working on creating new music.
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