Criteria when choosing equipment (1) Dripper version

With the recent coffee boom, various extraction methods are increasing.
Along with this, a large number of coffee equipment have come out, and I think it is becoming difficult to choose the right equipment.

For such people, I would like to tell you the criteria when choosing equipment.
In the first part, I will talk about "Dripper".

Differences depending on hole size

The first is the difference in taste depending on the hole size.

Some drippers have different hole sizes on the bottom.

The smaller the hole, the slower the hot water will pass through, so it will take longer to brew, and the flavor will tend to be stronger.
On the other hand, larger holes tend to allow hot water to pass through better and give a cleaner taste.

Differences depending on the number of holes

The taste also changes depending on the number of holes on the bottom.
(If the holes are the same size)

The fewer holes there are, the slower the hot water passes through, which tends to result in a more thorough extraction and a stronger flavor.
On the other hand, the more holes there are, the faster the extraction speed is, which shortens the contact time with the coffee, which tends to result in a cleaner taste.

Differences in shape

The shape of the dripper also makes a difference in taste.
The most commonly used types are "trapezoidal" and "conical".
Trapezoidal drippers tend to produce coffee with a strong flavor because hot water tends to collect at the bottom.
Conical drippers have a smooth flow of hot water compared to trapezoidal drippers, so they tend to produce a cleaner taste.

Differences due to material

The main materials for drippers are plastic, ceramic, and glass.

Plastic is available at a low price, but the quality of the extraction may be unstable because it has a plastic scent and is susceptible to temperature changes.

On the other hand, ceramic and glass are more expensive than plastic, but they have excellent heat retention, making it difficult for temperature changes to occur and ensuring stable extraction.
The taste changes depending on the brand and extraction approach, so it's hard to make a general statement, but the taste can also be controlled by the dripper you use.

I use different drippers to brew depending on my mood that day and the characteristics of the brand.

It might be fun to try out different drippers.

Hiroto Usukura