Best of Panama 2023 will be held, which is the world's best Geisha ?

The results of Panama's international competition "Best of Panama 2023", which is a hot topic in the coffee industry every year, have finally been announced.
In this article, I would like to take a look at the results for each of the three categories.

What is Best of Panama (BoP)?

Best of Panama is a Panamanian coffee fair that began in 1996 and is sponsored by the Panama Specialty Coffee Association.

Geisha , which is now a globally popular variety, was exhibited for the first time by Esmeralda Farm at a competition in 2004, and with its unprecedented special taste and aroma, it was Hikaru at a high price. It is one of the more expensive coffees.

It is no exaggeration to say that a new coffee movement will start from BoP, so it is a fair that attracts attention from people in the coffee industry every year.

The first place in Geisha category is said to be sold at the world's highest price every year, and at last year's fair, Saza Coffee and others sold green coffee beans (100 pounds: about 45 kilograms) worth about 3,000 cups. It became a hot topic when it was sold for 29.8 million yen ($200,049), or approximately 9,900 yen per cup.

Geisha Washed Department

First, here are the results for the Geisha Washed category.
This year's 1st place winner is "Carmen Geisha , Carmen Estate Coffee / Carmen Estates By Panama Red Carmen Café Trading."

Carmen Farm is a prestigious farm with a long history that opened in 1960.
It has won numerous awards including Best of Panama and Rainforest Alliance Cupping for Quality.
Among them, Carmen Estate Coffee, famous for its high-quality coffee, is a farm located in the Volcán district of Chiriqui Department, Panama.

The climate of the Volcan region is influenced by the Pacific Ocean and Masahiro Ocean, and the temperature drops to around 5℃ at night without frost, but the days are dry with plenty of sunshine, and the fertile volcanic climate The area is blessed with good soil and has the perfect growing conditions for coffee.

More than half (60%) of Carmen Farm's land is covered with native trees, benefiting from the region's climate, which is surrounded by the Pacific and Masahiro oceans. The altitude is high, and the conditions are perfect for continuing to grow high-quality coffee.

Geisha Natural Department

These are the results for Geisha Natural category.
1st place in the natural category is "De La Rosa Mount Totumas Cloud Forest / Mount Totumas Coffee".

Mount Tutumas Coffee began in 2008 when brothers Michael and Jeff purchased a nature reserve adjacent to La Amistad National Park in the Department of Chiriquí.

Jeff is also an avid birdwatcher, naturalist with a deep passion and knowledge of tropical flora and fauna, and a dedicated conservationist and environmentally responsible coffee grower.

Varietals department

The last is the results of the Varietals category (other than Geisha ).
First place in the Varietals category is " Chicho Gallo Gold Selection / Guarumo Coffee Farm".

This farm is also famous for winning 4th place in the Varietal category of Best of Panama 2022 with a score of 92.0 points.

This is an Ethiopian variety grown at Guarumo, one of Hartman's farms.
The lot with the highest price in the 2022 Best of Panama Varietal category is Chicho Gallo , a variety that is attracting attention from all over the world.

Chicho Gallo is a variety that Hartman Sr. brought to Panama from Amarogayo, Ethiopia, and was named Chicho Gallo after his nickname.

Enjoy the brands of Best of Panama winning farms

Coffee from Hartman Farm, which won first place in the Varietal category of Best of Panama 2023, can also be enjoyed at CROWD ROASTER .

That is "[CCG] Panama Hartman Farm Ethiopian native species Chichogalo Honey".

The tea-like scent, fruitiness, and firm sweetness create a very pleasant balance.
This is a brand with a flavor that you want to drink every day.

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In addition, Esmeralda Special, which is currently on sale, is a famous farm that has started a new movement in Best of Panama.

Speaking of Esmeralda Farm, it has become synonymous with Geisha , which sparked the Geisha boom and is now irresistible.
He won the 2004 auction ``Best of Panama'' by an overwhelming reputation, and has won the championship for four years since then, an extraordinary award history. Esmeralda Farm is the farm that started Geisha whirlwind, including the start of an auction category exclusively for coffee.

At CROWD ROASTER , you can enjoy Esmeralda Geisha 's highest quality, ``Esmeralda Special.''

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"BoP" is a competition that is attracting worldwide attention.
A new coffee movement may be born from here.

Please check it!