Future coffee service told by AI (5) Coffee AR service "Cup O' Characters"

We interviewed an AI about a hypothetical coffee service that might come (?) in the future! That's the plan!
This time, when you hold your smartphone over a coffee cup filled with coffee, we will introduce the AR service “Cup O 'Characters'.
Editorial Department: Thank you for your time today.

Developer: Yes, thank you.

Editorial Department: First of all, could you give us an overview of the service?

Developer: Yes, Cup O' Characters is a service where a character appears depending on the state of the coffee that is reflected in the coffee cup using the smartphone's camera. Different characters appear depending on the temperature, color, taste, strength, and type of coffee beans, and users can enjoy these characters. You can also choose your favorite character based on that information.

Editorial Department: So the character can tell you the status of the coffee you brewed?

Developer: Yes, that's right. Different characters appear depending on the state of the coffee, allowing users to visually recognize the state of the coffee they have brewed. Also, each character has their own characteristics and story, so users can enjoy them.

Editorial Department: If you can understand the condition from the character, you can also practice making coffee!

Developer: Yes, you can use it like that. Cup O' Characters not only allows users to recognize the state of coffee, but also allows users to learn about the state of coffee they prefer by choosing their favorite character. I think that judging the condition of the coffee you brew will help you practice brewing better coffee.

Editorial Department: It's not just fun, but it also has practical benefits.

Developer: Yes, it's not only fun, but also practical. By visualizing the state of your coffee, you can get hints on how to brew better coffee and enjoy the enjoyment of coffee even more. Additionally, each character has their own characteristics and stories, so users can enjoy more than just coffee, making it highly convenient.

Editorial Department: For example, what kind of story is there for this pale, Hikaru cyber character?

Developer: This Hikaru , sullen cyber character named "Techo" is curious about cutting-edge technology. It appears when you are surrounded by technological products such as computers, smartphones, and gadgets. Her catchphrase is "I'm hacking!" and sometimes she does mysterious things and seems to be interested in mysterious technology. Techo exists to entertain and inspire creativity for people interested in technology.

Editorial Department: That's interesting (lol) What kind of coffee condition does this character appear in?

Developer: Techo is a character that appears when the coffee is cold and has a strong taste. In other words, if you brew coffee at a lower temperature and with a strong bitterness, there is a higher chance of Techo appearing. With the appearance of Techo, you can visually recognize the condition of your coffee and at the same time enjoy the depth of its flavor.

Editorial Department: I see, that's how you make coffee in various states and enjoy collecting characters.

Developer: Yes, you can use it that way. Different characters will appear depending on the taste, color, temperature, etc. of the coffee, so users can try out various coffee conditions and collect more characters. By doing so, you can not only learn about the conditions of coffee, but also enjoy it.

Editorial Department: Could you tell us one more thing about the other characters?
Developer: Yes, I'll introduce one more thing. It's called "Milk," and it's white and fluffy, just like cream. She loves sweets and delicious desserts, and often drinks coffee with milk added to it. Her purpose is to make everyone happy, and she sometimes makes sweets for that purpose. Her favorite phrase is ``It looks delicious!'' and she has a personality that is easily drawn to delicious food.

Editorial Department: When does Milk appear?

Developer: Milk is a character that appears when milk is added to coffee. Different characters appear depending on the amount of milk added to the coffee, so users can collect various characters by adjusting the amount of milk. Milk also teaches users the joy of adding milk to coffee.

Editorial Department: I see. I understand the service very well. What technology is used in this service?

Developer: Cup O' Characters uses smartphone cameras and image recognition technology. Images taken with a smartphone camera are analyzed and a character corresponding to the image is created. We also use machine learning technology for analysis, making it possible to make more accurate decisions. Furthermore, the service is based on the latest technology, including the ability to recommend characters that are more suited to the individual by analyzing the user's character selection history within the app.

Editorial Department: However, it seems like the cup has a secret as well, which tells you the type of bean.

Developer: Cup O' Characters utilizes advanced image processing technology to analyze information such as coffee temperature, color, strength, aroma, and amount of foam based on images of coffee cups taken with cameras. doing. The cup also has specific markers and patterns that can be used to identify the type of coffee beans. In other words, the cup has a special secret, which is why Cup O' Characters can even recognize the type of coffee bean. We use the latest technology so we can provide you with more accurate information.

Editorial Department: It's a futuristic coffee cup.

Developer: Yes. Cup O' Characters offers a new coffee experience by leveraging today's latest technology. You will be able to feel closer to coffee culture and enjoy it. It is expected that the development of more advanced and advanced technologies will continue to provide a better coffee experience.
Editorial Department: Will the development of technology change coffee culture?

Developer: Technological developments have the potential to change coffee culture. New technologies have the potential to transform coffee culture by offering more convenient and innovative ways to prepare and drink coffee. It is also expected that the introduction of new technology will make it easier to enter the world of coffee and allow more people to enjoy coffee. However, the essence of coffee culture, such as the taste and aroma of coffee and the commitment to brewing methods, will continue to be respected.

Editorial Department: It looks like this Cup O' Characters will also be a service that respects that aspect!

Developer: Yes, Cup O' Characters is a service that uses new technology to bring coffee culture closer to us while also honoring it. It is expected to be loved by a wide range of people, as it has elements that can be enjoyed by people who are particular about the taste and brewing method of coffee. I think Cup O' Characters proves that while technological advances bring new possibilities to coffee culture, it's important to respect them.

Editorial Department: I see, I understand! I can't wait for the release. Lastly, please give an appeal to our readers!

Developer: Cup O' Characters is a new coffee experience service that utilizes smartphone image recognition technology. Different characters appear depending on the state of the coffee photographed by the user with the camera, allowing users to more visually feel the state of the coffee. Also, each character has their own characteristics and stories, so there are other things to enjoy besides coffee. Please use Cup O' Characters to enrich your coffee experience!

Editorial Department: Thank you!

Developer: Thank you very much!
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