You can choose the beans and powder with the roasted beans [ CROWD ROASTER EX] that will arrive now!

Roasted beans [ CROWD ROASTER EX] available for purchase on the CROWD ROASTER app and delivered right away.
In response to user feedback, you can now choose between ``beans'' and ``flour'' for each product!

Now you can easily enjoy unique coffee!

[ CROWD ROASTER EX] Now you can more easily try the unique combination of carefully selected specialty coffee x roasted by one of Japan's leading roasters. .
Until now, CROWD ROASTER has been delivering coffee "as is".
We wanted people to enjoy the aroma of coffee beans as they grind them, but we have heard from users that they want to enjoy the coffee even when they are busy and don't have time to grind it, and that they don't have a good grinder handy. Now, you can now choose "powder" for CROWD ROASTER EX products.

We also have a lineup of uniquely developed single-cup drip filters.

We want you to easily enjoy dripping even when you don't have time.
The ``Personal Filter'' exclusively for CROWD ROASTER is recommended for use with ground coffee.
This revolutionary item allows you to easily brew coffee anywhere by just adding coffee powder and pouring hot water.

Large size that allows you to add up to 20g of powder depending on your taste preference. A drip bag with this large capacity is hard to find.
You can easily control the amount of powder from clean to firm.
The inside of the filter uses edible ink derived from squid ink, and a line indicating the amount of powder is written in ink to make it easy to adjust the taste.
If you prepare CROWD ROASTER EX ground coffee and this personal filter, you can enjoy CROWD ROASTER 's unique coffee deliciously even on busy mornings, during breaks at the office, or outdoors while camping, as long as you have hot water. Become!

Enjoy a coffee experience like never before!

CROWD ROASTER is an innovative service that allows app users to personally request a famous roaster to roast their chosen green beans.
Currently, Japan's leading roasters who are both popular and talented are participating, including the Japan Roasting Champion.
In addition, the lineup of coffee brands includes limited lots that are only available at CROWD ROASTER , as well as carefully selected coffees with high quality and uniqueness among specialty coffees, such as El Paraiso Farm and Hartman Farm, which have received many awards and are attracting attention from coffee lovers. is.
The roasted beans on sale at the app's "SHOP" as [ CROWD ROASTER EX] are roasted by one of Japan's leading roasters from this carefully selected coffee brand. We have a lineup of recommended combinations.
We sell roasted coffee beans, so if you place an order, it will be shipped the next day or the day after (excluding weekends, holidays, and business holidays). You can enjoy coffee right at home.
Furthermore, this SHOP offers a wide range of products, from recommended equipment for enjoying coffee at home, such as "Personal Filters," to coveted professional grinders, espresso machines, and roasting machines ( CROWD ROASTER Goods) Also on sale!).

Please take advantage of [ CROWD ROASTER EX] and CROWD ROASTER SHOP.