CROWD ROASTER Usukura 's recommended drip recipe [Balance Edition]

hello everyone.
This is Usukura from CROWD ROASTER .

I usually introduce equipment and basic drip methods, but in today's article I will introduce a drip recipe that I have been using lately.
The taste we aim for is ``a clean cup with a balanced taste that you'll want to drink multiple times every day.''

extraction ratio

Let me introduce the ratio right away.

・Number of cups: 2 cups or more ・Amount of beans: 25g
・Extraction amount: 350cc
・Amount of hot water poured: Approximately 500cc ・Extraction time: 2 minutes ・Water temperature: 91 degrees ・Grind: Medium coarse grind
・HARIO V60 02

Extraction procedure

① Prepare 25g of beans and grind them to a medium coarse grind.
The taste I'm aiming for this time is a clean cup, so I recommend grinding it a little coarser.

② Prepare at least 500ml of 91 degree hot water.
You will continue to pour hot water until the very last moment, so prepare plenty of hot water.

③ Gently and carefully pour hot water from the center. (steamed)
Pour the hot water carefully and carefully.
Add about 30g of hot water.

④ Steam for 50 seconds Take your time to steam.

⑤ At the beginning of the second throw, draw a circle with thin water.
For the second pour, slowly pour hot water in a circular motion from the center outwards, making about 3 turns.
There may still be some gas left inside the flour, so use this first step to remove it.

⑥After about 3 laps, without changing the pouring method (pour slowly in a circular motion), increase the thickness of the hot water and raise the water level all at once.
At this time, be careful not to shake the powder too much. If the flour moves too much at this point, it will be easier for other flavor components to come out.
Aim for a clean finish by pouring hot water all at once.

⑦ After raising the water level, pour in hot water until it reaches 350ml, which is the amount of water extracted this time.
Continue pouring hot water until the very end to create a clean cup.
The more you can keep pouring hot water until the last minute, the easier it will be to get a clean finish.
⑧ Pour into a warmed cup and it's done.

What do you think?
I make minor adjustments depending on the brand, degree of roasting, and the environment that day, but basically I control everything based on this recipe.

Please try it at home and let us know your opinions and impressions.

Hiroto Usukura