It's like peach tea! Usukura recommended iced coffee recipes by brand [CSLC] edition

The days have been hot lately, and more and more days are starting to feel like summer is finally here.
As the hot days continue, the number of people drinking iced coffee has probably increased.

In the previous article, I explained the basic method of brewing iced coffee, but in this article, I will explain how to brew iced coffee with a focus on different brands.

The recommended brand this time is El Paraiso Farm Lychee

Each brand of coffee has a different character, so if you're particular about it, I think the ideal way to brew coffee is to use a different recipe for each brand.

However, I think it's quite difficult to do that, so I think it's a good idea to divide the flavor into different stages, such as when you want it to be refreshing or when you want it to be strong.
I will explain each detailed recipe on another occasion.

In today's article, we will introduce brands of iced coffee recommended by CROWD ROASTER Usukura .

The brand we recommend this time is "[CSLC] Colombia/El Paraiso Farm/ Castillo /Double Anaerobic/Lychee."

As the name suggests, it has a fresh flavor reminiscent of lychee, but as time passes, the taste settles down and a rich peach-like sweetness emerges.
It's a unique brand with a rich aroma that you won't get tired of from the beginning to the end.

By making this into iced coffee, it has a distinctive refreshing flavor that you can gulp down in the hot summer.The sweetness reminiscent of peach tea and the clean aftertaste will make you want to drink as many cups as you like, and you'll be hooked. You can enjoy the taste.

The key is to take it slow and carefully.

Now let me introduce the extraction ratio.

Beans: 30g
Extraction amount: 250ml
Pouring amount: 500ml
Extraction time: 2 minutes 30 seconds Grind: Medium water temperature: 91-92 degrees

① Grind the beans medium.
Generally, when brewing iced coffee, we often use a fine grind, but this time we used a medium grind to bring out the refreshing flavor that is a feature of [CSLC].
② Add ice so that the server is full and prepare for extraction.
The recommended water temperature is 91-92 degrees.
③ Carefully pour hot water evenly from the inside Shin and let it steam for 45 seconds.
④After steaming, pour in the hot water again in a circular motion from Shin inside to the outside.
⑤ Once you have poured it all the way to the outside, it will come back inside. Continue this process until the target extraction amount is achieved.
The key is to brew slowly and carefully.
Iced coffee is diluted with ice, so you need to take that into consideration when brewing.
Therefore, we recommend brewing slowly and carefully so that you can still feel the flavor even after diluting with ice.
⑥When the target extraction amount is reached, stop pouring and remove the dripper.
It may seem like a bit of a waste, but in order to drink more deliciously, we recommend that you remove the dripper even if there is hot water left in it.
It's not that you can't drink coffee, but the order in which coffee extracts are released is determined, and the ones that come out last are said to have many unpleasant tastes and harsh ingredients.
Therefore, we recommend turning off the dripper once you have poured the desired amount, even if coffee is still brewing.

⑦ Stir thoroughly and cool the extracted coffee.
One of the purposes of stirring here is to cool the coffee, but there is another purpose as well.
As mentioned above, coffee has a fixed order of ingredients.
If stirring is not done properly, the taste will vary depending on where you drink it.
Therefore, by stirring thoroughly, the flavor is balanced.

⑧Pour into a glass and it's done.
You can drink it with ice in a glass, or if you don't like it too cold, we recommend drinking it as is.

What did you think?

This time we introduced a recipe using [CSLC].
It's an iced coffee with a fresh taste that makes you want to drink it just because it's summer.
Everyone, please try it.

We will continue to introduce recipes that focus on brands, so stay tuned!

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Hiroto Usukura