Good relationship between pot and coffee (3) HARIO mini drip kettle

This project is about thinking about the good relationship between pots and coffee.
The third product is the small ``HARIO Mini Drip Kettle,'' which is mainly used for making one cup.

HARIO mini drip kettle

I came across this drip pot when I was looking for a drip pot that was easy to carry when making coffee on the go, such as at a friend's house or camping. That was the trigger.

If you try to carry a regular drip pot, it will take up a lot of luggage, but this one-cup pot doesn't take up that much space, so you can easily carry it around.
First, let's take a look at the product specifications.
[Product specifications]
Size Width 165mm x Depth 90mm x Height 100mm
Caliber 70mm
Capacity Practical capacity 300mL
Weight (including individual boxes) 300 g
Compared to other drip pots from HARIO, it is quite small in size.
It is small enough to be placed in the palm of your hand.

Compact anyway

The most attractive feature of this drip pot is its compact size.

It is sized so that you can easily take it anywhere.
Highly recommended when you want to brew coffee on the go.
This drip pot is also recommended for women.
Some people may find that regular drip pots are heavy and difficult to brew.

If you're like that, you'll be able to brew coffee consistently and easily by using this drip pot.
It is also very useful when brewing a drip bag.
When brewing with a drip bag, unlike a dripper, the spout is not wide, so if you use a large drip pot, it may be a little difficult to brew.
However, with this mini-sized pot, even though the spout is narrow, the pot is small, so you can easily pour hot water into it.

Not suitable for full-scale use

Although its compact size is attractive, it seems that it is not suitable for serious use because it is too compact.

First of all, if you want to make a serious extraction, you will need to pour a large amount of hot water, such as 500ml.
However, this drip pot cannot hold that much hot water, so it feels unsatisfactory.

Also, because it is light and small, the pot does not feel stable.
The heavier the pot, the more stable it will be when moving the pot for brewing, but the lighter the pot, the more the pot will be carried away by the flow of hot water that occurs when moving the pot, making it difficult to stabilize the brew.
HARIO Mini Drip Kettle is a drip pot recommended for those who want to use a drip pot on the go, or those who want to start using drip water but don't want to use a heavy pot.
If you use it to make just one cup of coffee, I think it will be useful in situations where its compactness is an advantage.

We will continue to introduce drip pots, so please look forward to it!

Hiroto Usukura