Esmeralda Special CROWD ROASTER style extraction method

The "Esmeralda Special Geisha " series has received a great response since its release, and we would like to express our sincere gratitude.

Thankfully, we have received feedback from our customers such as ``You can feel the sweetness after a long aftertaste,'' ``The aroma is amazing,'' and ``I wanted to try Esmeralda Special.''
In addition, we have heard from customers that if they are going to make a purchase, they would like to know how to extract it so that it tastes good.

Therefore, in today's article, we will introduce CROWD ROASTER 's delicious brewing method.

The biggest point is to use a large amount of hot water for steaming.

We, CROWD ROASTER management team, wanted to make the world's best coffee, which we may never be able to find again, as delicious as possible, so we searched for several extraction methods.

The desired taste is the ``floral aroma like jasmine'' and the ``rich sweetness like peach'' produced by Top Lot Esmeralda Geisha .
Now, let me tell you some specific points to keep in mind when using hand drip.
・Beans amount: 20g
・Completion: 275ml (total amount of hot water added: about 315ml to 320ml)

① A slightly coarser grind is recommended.

In order to achieve a finish that emphasizes clarity while retaining the unique aroma and flavor of Geisha Natural, we recommend a slightly coarser grind.

②The water temperature is high.

It is recommended that the water temperature is high to bring out the aroma. Extraction was done at the temperature of freshly boiled water transferred to a pot.
As shown in the Shin , the temperature was 92.6℃ when it was enveloped in the white peach flavor.

③ Warm up the dripper and server thoroughly.

Temperature changes are your biggest enemy when brewing coffee. Carefully warm up the dripper and server so that the temperature does not change even slightly.

④The biggest point is to use a large amount of steaming water.

This is the most important point.
Pour a large amount of steaming water to bring out the flavor.
(When I was able to extract the best flavor, I ended up losing 11g by steaming.)

⑤While steaming, remove the scent thoroughly.

The steaming time is determined by how the scent develops.
It may be a little difficult, but the timing for the second pour is when the floral scent begins to emerge.
(At this time, I pulled the steaming to "1 minute 45 seconds")

⑥Be conscious of stirring and applying pressure for the second throw.

In order to bring out the unique flavor of Geisha Natural to the fullest, we are conscious of stirring the coffee powder thoroughly and applying pressure.
We will eventually release a video of the extraction, but I think those who watch it for the first time will be surprised by the amazing speed.
If pressure is not applied to the coffee beans properly, the resulting coffee will lack flavor, sweetness, and body.

⑦Pour until the extraction amount is reached.

All you have to do now is pour hot water until the amount of extraction is 275ml.

⑧Pour into a thoroughly warmed cup.

The final step is to pour the coffee into a well-heated cup.

This is a brand that wants you to enjoy the temperature changes slowly, so if you pour it into a cold cup, the temperature of the coffee will suddenly change and you won't be able to enjoy the flavor when it's at its warmest.
So, warm up the cup thoroughly before pouring the coffee.

When it first tastes warm, it tastes sweet like freshly squeezed fruit.
In the second half, the taste changes to a sweetness that resembles peach candy.
The image of acid is that it has a firm outline but is extremely detailed.

In particular, please enjoy this coffee until it cools down.
It is a brand whose expression changes as it cools, and the sweetness and flavor change in a variety of colors.
Coffee that tastes good even when it's cold is a sure sign of high quality.
What did you think?
Perhaps this is a very different approach than a typical recipe?

Of course, the quality and potential of this brand are among the best in the world, so you can enjoy a certain level of flavor no matter how you brew it. First of all, I would like to introduce this recipe as a way to make it more delicious.

I think it would be a good idea to try out the extraction method recommended by CROWD ROASTER and then create an extraction method that suits your tastes.

A special Geisha roasted by Yoshiyuki Nakamura , a Japanese champion roaster, from a carefully selected section of Esmeralda Special.
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