CROWD ROASTER brand introduction (6) El Salvador Espana Farm

There may be some people who would like to participate in a roast event but find it difficult to do so because they do not know the characteristics of coffee brands.

For those people, this project will introduce in detail the coffee brands that CROWD ROASTER handles.
This time we will be introducing "[ BPC ] El Salvador España Farm Bourbon / Parkas / Castillo Anaerobic Natural".

Coffee from one of El Salvador's most famous gardens, available only at CROWD ROASTER in Japan

Espana Farm is one of the most famous farms in El Salvador. CROWD ROASTER will independently import and introduce coffee from this farm that has never been introduced to Japan.
The Apaneca district of Ahuachapan department, where the España farm is located, is one of the leading coffee producing areas in El Salvador, bordering Guatemala. The region has both soil and climate suitable for growing coffee, but it is also famous for its strong winds. For this reason, not only shade trees but also windbreak forests have been planted to protect the coffee trees from strong winds.
This farm produces high-quality coffee beans with very careful work, while also working hard to protect the local environment.
This España farm was opened in 1860 by Rodrigo Herrera (grandfather of current owner Nora Lemas de Díaz Nuira). It is one of the oldest farms in El Salvador, boasting a history of 160 years.
The farm covers an area of ​​35 hectares, with 28 hectares planted mainly of Bourbon varieties, and Percus varieties planted in areas affected by strong winds.
The altitude ranges from 1,200 to 1,475 meters, and the semi-hilly terrain and fertile soil are suitable for coffee cultivation, with a microclimate that gives coffee its unique character. We pay close attention to cultivation methods, harvesting, and post-harvest management.

Basic information about España Farm

Country of production: El Salvador Region of production: Apaneca district, Ahuachapan department Variety: Bourbon / Parkas / Castillo
Altitude: 1,200-1,475m
Producer: Nora Lemas de Diaz Nuira

Impressive [ BPC ] that can be enjoyed like red wine

When you think of coffee from El Salvador, you may have the impression that it is an easy-drinking coffee.
However, this coffee is quite unique.
One of the secrets is the selection method (process) using anaerobic fermentation called Anaerobic Natural.
Anaerobic, which has become popular in recent years, can have a strong fermented smell and taste like kimchi if you make a mistake. Of course, this is not the case with this coffee, and the well-researched and careful selection process ensures that the unique flavor of this process is clearly felt.
With flavors like berries and black cherries, and a lingering finish with apricot-like acidity and sweetness, this coffee can be enjoyed just like wine.
Basic Flavors: Berry, American Cherry, Red Wine, Apricot
This is a coffee that allows you to enjoy unique flavors that you could not experience with conventional coffee.
Please enjoy this unique taste.
At CROWD ROASTER , you can now request the degree of roasting when ordering.
Please feel free to custom order unique brands from Japan's leading roasters at CROWD ROASTER and find your favorite coffee.

We will continue to introduce brands handled by CROWD ROASTER .