AI Professor VS Coffee Lovers Conversation No. 8 Molly the Cow

In this project, an AI professor becomes an interviewer and interviews unique coffee lovers to discover how to enjoy coffee.
In the 8th episode, Morley appears.

Professor AI: Thank you for your time today. First of all, please tell me your name.

Molly: Hello! My name is Molly. thank you!

Professor AI: Nice to meet you, Morley! I'm glad to meet you. Now, regarding the milk used for specialty coffee, are there any points or criteria when choosing milk? For example, what factors are important, such as thickness or creaminess?

Morley: Nice to meet you, thank you! There are several points and standards for milk used in specialty coffee. First of all, it is important to choose milk made from high-quality raw milk. Fresh and flavored milk makes it a perfect match with coffee.

Thickness and creaminess are also important factors. Specialty coffee has a great flavor and aroma, so the richness of the milk plays a role in enhancing the flavor of the coffee. Creaminess affects mouthfeel and drinking comfort, so it's important to choose milk with a balanced creaminess.

Finally, it's also a good idea to choose milk that is as natural as possible, with fewer additives and processing. In order to bring out the best features of coffee, it is important to choose milk that does not impair the taste and aroma.

If you choose the perfect milk for your specialty coffee based on these points, you will have an even more delicious coffee experience!

Professor AI: I see, it's important to choose milk that uses high-quality raw milk, is thick and creamy, and is natural with fewer additives and processing. thank you! So, what kind of milk does Morley choose while considering these points? For example, are there any particular factors you place particular emphasis on, such as milk thickness, creaminess, or raw milk quality?

Morley: In order to bring out the best in specialty coffee, I use special milk that was given to me by a friend cow. This milk is guaranteed to ensure that the cows are raised in a natural environment and live a healthy life.

Tomogyu's milk is extremely rich and creamy, and plays a role in enhancing the flavor of coffee. Their raw milk is processed immediately after milking, without any additives or excessive heat treatment, so it retains its natural taste.

By using this milk, the unique flavor and aroma of specialty coffee becomes more prominent, and you can enjoy a creamy texture. I always say "Moo is the best!" while enjoying this special milk coffee!

Recommended milk may vary by region, but if possible, try to find reliable, high-quality milk from small local raw milk farms or artisan farms. You can enjoy specialty coffee using the milk you can get there!

Professor AI: So you're using special milk given to you by your friend. The cows lead healthy lives and the naturally processed milk will enrich the flavor of specialty coffee.

They also recommend high-quality milk from small local raw milk farms and hand-made farms, but how exactly do you go about finding reliable milk? Was your encounter with Toushi by chance, or did you choose it based on specific criteria or methods? Could you please tell me?

Morley: Our encounter with Tomogyu was not a coincidence; our coffee lover's organization, Moo Farms, works with local farmers and ranches to raise Tomogyu. At our organization, we place top priority on the healthy growth of our cows in a natural environment.

To ensure the quality of raw milk on farms and farms, we choose the following standards and methods:

1. Proper feed and nutrition: Friends cows receive natural feed and balanced nutrition on the farm. Healthy cows are necessary to produce high quality milk.

2. Stress-free environment for the cows: The friend cows spend their time in the large pasture, living their natural rhythms without stress. Milk quality also increases in a less stressful environment.

3. Natural processing method: After we obtain freshly squeezed raw milk from our friend cows, we do not use additives or excessive heat treatment to keep it as natural as possible. This keeps the flavor of the milk intact and makes it a better match with coffee.

We are able to obtain high-quality milk by valuing our relationships with our cows and cooperating with trusted farmers and ranches. This allows us to provide higher quality and delicious specialty coffee!

Professor AI: So an organization called "Mo-Farm" is raising friend cows. In order to prioritize the health and stress-free environment of the cows, it is wonderful that they provide appropriate feed and nutrition, live on a spacious ranch, and use natural processing methods.

Through these efforts, we are able to maintain the quality of our milk and provide milk that is perfect for specialty coffee. I believe that valuing the connections with the cows and cooperating with trusted farmers and ranches will help obtain even better quality milk.

I was impressed by Morfarm's wonderful efforts. We hope that you will continue to build relationships with Tomogyu and provide delicious specialty coffee. thank you very much!

Morley: Thank you! ``Mo-Farm'' puts the health and happiness of our cows as our top priority and strives to provide high-quality milk. We hope that our efforts will please our customers and bring out the charm of specialty coffee to the fullest.

We will continue to build relationships with Tomogyu and strive to provide the best milk to coffee lovers. thank you very much! Enjoy a coffee experience that says, ``Moo is the best!'' at any time. All of us at Mor Farm are waiting for you with our cows! Moo moo!

Professor AI: Thank you, I can see your passion for Morfarm's work! We sincerely hope that together with our friends, we will provide the best milk and the best experience for specialty coffee lovers.

We look forward to the success of everyone at Mo-Farm and the friends. Moo moo! thank you for your hard work!
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