CROWD ROASTER will be exhibiting at “SCAJ2023”!

Continuing from last year, this year as well, we at CROWD ROASTER will be participating in "SCAJ2023" , which will be held at Tokyo Big Sight for three days from Wednesday, September 27th to Friday, September 29th, 2023!

SCAJ is an annual coffee festival that brings together people from around the world in the specialty coffee industry.
This is a big event where a variety of people involved in coffee, including green bean trading companies, machine manufacturers, and roasters, gather together to experience the cutting edge of the industry.
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The theme of this year's CROWD ROASTER booth is "Gathering of Artisans."
Masters of the coffee industry will gather at CROWD ROASTER booth.

How to enjoy CROWD ROASTER booth

This year's CROWD ROASTER booth will be enjoyed in four ways.



A special show will be held with Japanese coffee professionals!

We will deliver content that can only be enjoyed at CROWD ROASTER booth in the form of an event show, such as a collaboration show between roasters and coffee behavior by brewing professionals.

02-Listen RADIO


Dig deeper into maniac coffee stories!
We will be delivering geeky stories about the coffee industry, such as roasting, machines, and store management, in a radio booth format.



Experience CROWD ROASTER 's coffee, which continues to seek the perfect cup!

You can always sample coffee roasted by CROWD ROASTER 's roasters.
Experience the world's best taste that we continue to pursue.



You can buy your favorite coffee beans immediately!
Let's bring back the excitement of the venue.

We have prepared a drinking comparison set specially prepared for this SCAJ2023.
Enjoy the unique flavors expressed by Japan's top roasters.

A wide variety of professionals gather!

All kinds of professionals in the coffee industry, including roasters, baristas, mechanics, importers, and producers, gather for an event show.

We deliver a variety of content, from our thoughts on coffee to the latest information in the industry.

The scheduled performers are as follows.
Wednesday, September 27th
・Raw Sugar Roast Yuya Kosakada・Roast Design Coffee Mikami Hitomi・Roast Design Coffee Hitomi Ryo・SPARK COFFEE ROASTERS Tanaka Yoshiya・THE COFFEESHOP Daito Hagiwara・mamepolepole Yoshiyuki Nakamura・GLITCH COFFEE&ROASTERS Suzuki Kiyokazu・Brisa & Tierra Yamaguchi Mr. Sou
Thursday, September 28th
・Brewman Tokyo Hikaru Ono・JBrC 2023 Champion Tomoki Shiraishi ・Yokohama Coffee Festival   Yu Momosaki / R&D ESPRESSO LAB Kokoro Honda / RED POISON COFFEE ROASTERS Tomomichi Morifuji / Panama Farm Owner [Barisa & Tierra joint project]
Friday, September 29th
・ABOUT US COFFEE Yasunari Sawanoi・GIESEN JAPAN Yusuke Fukuzawa・WOODBERRY COFFEE Kihara Musashi・FUJIYAMA COFFEE ROASTERS Fujiyama Hiroyasu・LEAVES COFFEE ROASTERS Ishii Yasuo・Takayuki Ishitani
*Items are subject to change.
This year's SCAJ will be more powerful than last year's and will be exhibiting.
We will keep you updated on the detailed time schedule and event details.

Please come to the SCAJ2023 CROWD ROASTER booth.