Introducing the new brand set “African Cruise Ethiopia Edition” in detail

To commemorate the release of the new brand "[SDE] Ethiopia/Sidamo/Bonazria Washing Station/Ethiopia Genuine/Washed", which has been added to CROWD ROASTER lineup, we are preparing a trial package by three talented roasters. did.

Name it “African Cruise Ethiopia Edition”!
I would like to introduce the features of this set.

A set made by three people with different roasting degrees.

For this set, we wanted to bring you the charm of the new brand [SDE], so we carefully considered the compatibility of the brand and roast level, and had three talented roasters bake it. .
There are three levels of roasting: light roast, medium roast, and dark roast, so you can enjoy the differences depending on the roast level.

We asked Hikaru Ono for the light roast, Tanaka Yoshiya for the medium roast, and Daito Hagiwara for the dark roast.
Hikaru Ono ( Brewman Tokyo )


Daito Hagiwara ( THE COFFEESHOP )

CROWD ROASTER team sampled the coffee beans as soon as they arrived, and each one had a different flavor depending on everyone's technique and degree of roasting, making for a very interesting set of coffee beans to compare.
This set allows you to experience the charm of [SDE], and we recommend it with confidence.

From flavors like Muscat to sweetness like chocolate! Enjoy numerous flavors!

We have created a drinking comparison set where you can fully enjoy this new brand!
Let's introduce the characteristics of each.

I asked Mr. Ono to roast it lightly.
Since it is lightly roasted, you can fully enjoy the flavor characteristics of the brand.

The juicy acidity of lime and the gentle sweetness of jasmine tea are well balanced.
The flavor is faintly reminiscent of Muscat, making it a very interesting cup to drink.

I asked Yoshiya to roast it medium roasted.
It has an excellent balance of sweetness and acidity, making it a pleasant drink.

While it's warm, it has a strong chocolate-like sweetness, but as it cools down, flavors such as muscat and lemongrass appear.
This is the roast level where you can most easily feel the change in flavor due to temperature, so please enjoy it slowly.

I asked Hagiwara to roast it dark roasted.
It has a bitter taste due to the deep roasting level, but thanks to Mr. Hagiwara 's controlled roasting, there is no unpleasant bitterness or unpleasant taste.

You can feel the sweetness reminiscent of chocolate that is unique to high-quality dark roasted coffee, and the refreshing flavor of citrus with a thick texture.Although it is dark roasted, you can enjoy it without getting tired of drinking until the end. can do.

Please purchase this set, find your favorite roast level, and request a roast event.

As quantities are limited, we recommend checking early.