What should you be careful about when extracting Raw Sugar Yuya Kosakada ? [SCAJ2023 event review]

SCAJ 2023 (SCAJ World Specialty Coffee Conference and Exhibition 2023) was an annual specialty coffee festival held from September 27th to 29th.

At CROWD ROASTER booth, under the theme of "Gathering of Artisans," we will invite all the coffee professionals in the industry, including roasters, baristas, mechanics, importers, and producers, to perform various special shows that can only be seen here.・We have delivered special content that you cannot listen to.
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Talk & extract show where Raw Sugar Kosakada talks about his passion

From 11am on the 27th on the first day, we will be hosting a talk session with Mr. Yuya Kosakada , a roaster at Raw Sugar Roast a specialty coffee shop in Setagaya, Tokyo, who is participating in CROWD ROASTER , we extracted CROWD ROASTER brand coffee that was roasted by ourselves.
The talk was titled ``Sweet and smart Yuya Kosakada and the secret of RawSugar that will change the coffee industry,'' and Kosakada talked about roasting and the future of the specialty coffee industry.
In response to the current situation where specialty coffee is not widely available to the general public, Mr. Kosakada is pursuing what he can do with roasting and flavor creation, and is changing the industry as a barista, roaster, and teacher. We asked him to tell us about his secret passion for the future.
For example, how can we convey the appeal of specialty coffee to people who still don't like sour taste?
Also, what kind of classes do you teach at a vocational school as a teacher?
I heard various stories.
In addition, in the second half, Mr. Kosakada taught us about flavor creation and recipes while brewing.
It is said that flavor inspiration often comes from wine and alcoholic beverages.
Also, what I am careful about when brewing and making coffee is that I don't waver.
Kosakada , who has many of the same clothes, says he tries to keep his environment as uniform as possible.
I'm also looking forward to hearing the recipe for this extraction.
We also hear stories that you don't often get to hear, such as why they stir with a spoon and what color they are aiming for.
Kosakada 's talk and extract can be viewed from the archive distribution below, so please take a look!
Various talk events were held at the CROWD ROASTER booth at SCAJ 2023.
I will introduce some of the contents later.
looking forward to!