From Kyoto!! Up-and-coming roaster Yasunari Sawanoi ( ABOUT US COFFEE ) is participating!

Roaster Yasunari Sawanoi ( ABOUT US COFFEE ) has joined CROWD ROASTER as a new member!
Sawanoi 's drinking comparison set will be available.

Winner of “COFFEE COLLECTION WORLD DISCOVER” to discover the world’s best single-origin coffee

Yasunari Sawanoi , who worked in the fashion industry, chose coffee as a way to express her individuality when she was 30 years old. While learning about coffee at vocational school, he became fascinated with roasting, and immediately after graduating, he opened ABOUT US COFFEE in Kyoto.

After acquiring the Q grader and participating in many roasting study sessions, he continued to study hard, and in 2022 won the "COFFEE COLLECTION WORLD DISCOVER" competition, which discovers the world's best single-origin coffee, in his first appearance. It has become a notable presence in Kyoto.

What Sawanoi values ​​is the diversity of coffee.
We want people with diverse tastes to bring out the individuality of various coffees and enjoy them.
The store name reflects the idea that "US" is the main character, including producers, baristas, and people who enjoy coffee.

Sawanoi 's special drink comparison set is now on sale!

To commemorate the participation of Yasunari Sawanoi ( ABOUT US COFFEE ), we will be selling a limited quantity of the drinking comparison set (50g x 3 brands) "SAWANOI COFFEE COLLECTION CHAMPION BOX"!

This is the first CROWD ROASTER drinking comparison set that is packed with Mr. Sawanoi 's passion.

This time, we carefully considered the compatibility of the brands with Mr. Sawanoi and selected three brands with great individuality.

[CSLC] Colombia/El Paraiso Farm/ Castillo /Double Anaerobic Lychee [ETH] Panama/Kotwa Farm/Ethiopia/Natural [ SL28 ] Kenya/Kiama Rose/ SL28 /Washed

A comparison set of drinks with different varieties, carefully selected products, and countries of origin.

This set was named "SAWANOI COFFEE COLLECTION CHAMPION BOX" after Mr. Sawanoi 's history, who won the "COFFEE COLLECTION WORLD DISCOVER" in his first appearance.

Sawanoi aims for diversity in taste

Please come and experience our desire to bring out the individuality of various coffees so that people with diverse tastes can enjoy them.

[CSLC], as its name suggests, is characterized by a variety of fruit flavors such as strawberry and peach, with a focus on fresh flavors like lychee.
[ETH] is based on berry flavors such as strawberry and cranberry, with a chocolate-like sweetness in the aftertaste, giving it a well-balanced and enjoyable flavor.
[ SL28 ] has a brown sugar-like sweetness when it's warm, and as it cools down, you can experience the juicy flavors of plum and citrus.
Mr. Sawanoi 's goal is to create a coffee in which all elements are perfectly balanced, rather than one in which one element stands out.
Please experience it to your heart's content with this set!

【Description of item】
・Sales price: 2,480 yen (tax included)
・Contents: 50g x 3 bags, total 150g (roasted beans)