CROWD ROASTER brand introduction (10) Panama Hartman Farm Chichogalo

There may be some people who would like to participate in a roast event but find it difficult to do so because they do not know the characteristics of coffee brands.
For those people, this project will introduce in detail the coffee brands that CROWD ROASTER handles.

This time we will be introducing "[CCG] Panama Hartman Farm Chichogalo (Ethiopian native species) honey process"!

Best of Panama regular farm's ability!

There's a strong berry flavor, acidity that changes from citrus to fruit like peach or peach, and a long aftertaste of sweetness.
Chichogalo Honey, which makes you feel that it is a high-quality coffee, is proudly brought to you by the Hartman Farm, where the Hartman family in Panama has painstakingly cultivated coffee for two generations.
Speaking of the Hartman family farm, it is now a famous farm in Panama that ranks high in the international auction "BEST OF PANAMA" almost every year.

In 2020, Geisha won the Best of Panama Geisha category, and in 2021, Geisha Natural took second place and Washed took third place, making it a brand that boasts unwavering quality in Panama.
The Hartmann family immigrated to Panama from the Czech Republic and founded a coffee farm in 1940. Currently, the founder's children are in charge of managing the farm and providing tourism that takes advantage of nature. This farm is also known as an ecotourism farm that preserves the natural environment.
Hartman Farm grows Caturra , Geisha , Pache , Maragogype , Pacamara , and Ethiopian native varieties.
This native Ethiopian variety was brought from Amarogayo in southern Ethiopia, and he named it "Chichogalo" (tough guy), which was his father's nickname, and began cultivating it.
This is a carefully selected lot of Ethiopian native seeds harvested through the honey process through the careful work of Hartman Farm.
With this variety "Chichogalo", the Hartman family farm has won first place in the Best of Panama Varietals category for two consecutive years in 2023!
This lot we are introducing has a tea-like aroma, a balance of fruitiness and firm sweetness, creating a coffee that will add color to your day.

Basic information on Hartman Farm Chichogalo Honey

Country of production: Panama Production area: Santa Clara, Candela district, Chiriquí Prefecture Variety: Chichogalo (Ethiopian native species)
Altitude: 1,260-1,500m
Basic flavor: grapefruit, ginger, apricot
The Hartman family produces the highest quality coffee in Panama.
If you would like to try it, please request your favorite roaster to host a roast event!
You can request from 125g.

In addition, you can get even rarer nano lots at CROWD ROASTER !
This is Chichogalo from Mi Finquita, a farm by Hartmann.

Hartmann, Mi Finquita Chicho Gallo , Natural
Hartmann Mi Finquita, Chichogalo, Natural

A special BOX has been released where you can enjoy this Nanolot brand roasted by Mr. Eiji Dobashi ( ignis ), a roaster who has newly joined CROWD ROASTER !
In addition to Chichogaro, we also include wonderful lots from Altieri Geisha and Janson Geisha farms, which are representative of Panama's Geisha .
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