Who roasts the most COE brands in Japan? Interview with TAKAMURA COFFEE Iwasaki roaster

TAKAMURA COFFEE ROASTERS in Osaka handles many COE (Cup of Excellence) winning brands every year.
We always carry several COE brands and about 20 types of single origin.
Yuya Iwasaki , the roaster at Takamura Coffee, roasts the most COE brands in Japan. So, on CROWD ROASTER Radio, we interviewed him under the title ``The Man Who Burned down the COE Farm.''

Roaster Yuya Iwasaki , the man who burned down COE Farm

Why does Takamura Coffee focus on COE brands?
And how did Iwasaki become a roaster? I heard such a story.
Mr. Iwasaki , who discovered the Discover compact roaster in a warehouse, began roasting the roast every day after the shop was open.At first, he didn't know how to roast it, and it only took about 5 minutes, and people said it looked like Chinese food. yes....
From there, he gradually learned about roasting by taking roasted beans to various people.
Now, regarding COE, Takamura Coffee is participating in the auction themselves, roasting and cupping 30 samples of COE winners from each country, and deciding which lots to bid on, including samples. It is said that they are roasting a huge amount.
We also asked about COE brand roasting in detail!
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