CROWD ROASTER brand introduction (12) Ethiopia Sidamo

There may be some people who would like to participate in a roast event but find it difficult to do so because they do not know the characteristics of coffee brands.
For those people, this project will introduce in detail the coffee brands that CROWD ROASTER handles.

This time we will be introducing "[SDE] Ethiopia/Sidamo/Bensa/Bona Zuria/G1/Washed "!  

A wash of citrus and sweetness that clearly conveys Sidamo's terroir.

The Sidamo region in southern Ethiopia is known for producing high-quality coffee, and is said to be the standard quality for washed coffee in Ethiopia.

Located in this area is the Bonazuria Washing Station, owned by Tracon Trading. Tracon, which exports high-quality Ethiopian coffee to international markets, has an environmentally friendly washing station and is committed to sustainable high-quality coffee production.

In 2008, the company acquired the Bonazuria Washing Station along with the farmland and is currently working on renovating it and producing high-grade coffee. As a result of the renovation, the trees on the farm are young, and their strengths lie in production volume and quality.The coffee that benefits from Sidamo's microclimate is strongly reflective of the region's unique flavor characteristics.

During the harvest season, cherries are delivered not only from farmland owned by the company but also from surrounding small-scale farmers, and the cherries are re-sorted, floaters are removed, pulping machines are used to remove pulp, and wet parchment is produced. It will be.

It is then transported to the African Bed through a fermentation process and water washing treatment in canals. Although we use a method that follows the traditional washed coffee process, we have set standards for the quality of the water used in the process so that we can store and use clean water that meets these standards.

In addition, we are able to consistently produce high-quality coffee by conducting measurements to ensure that we are always using the best methods, such as managing the time during the fermentation process and checking the moisture and water activity values ​​at the end of drying.

Cool mountain breezes blow into the washing station, which is surrounded by small hills, and this wind is used to dry the washed coffee over a period of about two weeks. Some African beds are designed for drying in the shade and are equipped with agricultural Hikaru , and regular African beds also use blinds to suit the sunlight and temperature, allowing them to dry slowly over a long period of time. We aim for quality.

Ethiopia Sidamo Bonazria WS basic information

Country of production: Ethiopia Production area: Bonazuria, Bensa, Sidamo Prefecture Washing station Variety: Original species from Ethiopia Altitude: 1,900m
Basic flavors: Muscat, chocolate, lemongrass
Sidamo's unique citrus flavor, white chocolate-like sweetness, and thick mouthfeel create a satisfying cup balance. It is recommended as a coffee that allows you to fully enjoy the charm of Ethiopia and Sidamo.
If you would like to try it, please request your favorite roaster to host a roast event!
You can request from 125g.
Also, of course you can participate in the roast event that is currently being held!
Since it is a popular brand, there are many events currently being held. Please check it out from the CROWD ROASTER app!