HARIO V60, a dripper that fascinates baristas

The "HARIO V60" is a favorite among baristas

The HARIO V60 is a dripper that is now popular in many coffee shops.

Its biggest feature is that it can create a clear taste. The distinctive features of the HARIO V60 are the large hole at the bottom and the length of the ribs (grooves on the sides). These two unique structures allow the hot water to flow smoothly, resulting in a clear taste.

In recent years, as fruity and clean-tasting coffee has become mainstream, being able to extract a "clear" coffee is a very important element for baristas. The "HARIO V60" can reproduce this.
The ability to extract a clear flavor that makes you want to drink it any time is one of the reasons why the HARIO V60 is loved by so many people.



Introducing "HARIO V60" drip recipes

Now, let me introduce you to a CROWD ROASTER recipe using the "HARIO V60". (This time it's a recipe for 2-3 cups.)
The flavor that CROWD ROASTER aims for is "clear, sweet, and has a long aftertaste." We extract the coffee with this flavor in mind.

[Tools to prepare]
・HARIO V60 Dripper ・HARIO V60 Filter Server ・Scale ・Pot ・Thermometer

[Ratio] *This recipe is for 2-3 cups Coffee beans: 30g
・Extraction volume: 400cc
・Steeping time: 45 seconds ・Total extraction time: 1 minute 30 seconds

1. Prepare coffee beans and grind them in a mill

First, prepare 30g of coffee beans and grind them to a medium-coarse grind. Since the flavor we are aiming for is clear, we recommend grinding them a little coarser than normal.

② Place the ground powder in the dripper, pour in hot water, and let it steam.

Before putting the coffee powder in, warm up the dripper and the server. Coffee is a drink whose taste changes with temperature. Therefore, by warming up the dripper and the server in advance, you can prevent the taste from changing due to temperature.

Once the coffee is warmed up, place the ground coffee powder from step 1 in the dripper and pour hot water in a circular motion starting from the center. It is no exaggeration to say that the steaming process is the most important step in coffee extraction. Be sure to pour the hot water evenly over the coffee with a thin trickle of water.
Then, let it steep for 45 seconds. If the filter is completely colored, it is perfectly steeped.



③After steaming, pour in hot water.

Once the steaming is complete, pour in the hot water. At CROWD ROASTER , we recommend brewing with thick water. By brewing with thick water, the water flows faster, resulting in a clearer flavor.
When pouring hot water, spread it outward in a circular motion from the center. Once it's all the way to the outside, return to the inside. Repeat the same movement until you reach the desired amount of extraction. It will take about five circular movements to get 400cc.

④ When the desired amount is reached, remove the dripper.

Once you have reached the desired amount of extraction (400cc in this case), remove the dripper even if there is still hot water left in it. The last components to come out of the coffee are bitterness and other unpleasant flavors.
In order to achieve the flavor we at CROWD ROASTER aim for, we recommend removing the dripper once the desired extraction amount has been reached, even though it may be a shame.

⑤Stir and pour into a cup

Finally, stir the coffee well. There is a specific order to the ingredients that come out when brewing coffee. If you drink it without stirring, the taste will be inconsistent, so stir the coffee about five times. It's a small step, but it's an important process.
The cup is pre-warmed, and once the stirring is complete, pour the coffee into the cup and enjoy.

Flavors that can only be produced with "HARIO V60"

The CROWD ROASTER team uses a variety of tools to extract the coffee, but the tool they use to determine the flavor is the "HARIO V60."
It has a clear, sweet, and long aftertaste that only the HARIO V60 can produce.

If you are thinking of trying out extraction for the first time, please start here and find your own method of extraction!
Even if you've been brewing coffee in a different way, we encourage you to give CROWD ROASTER way of brewing coffee a try!