[Verification] The difference in taste depending on the grind is actually verified through extraction!

hello everyone.
This is Usukura from CROWD ROASTER .

Until now, I have told you about various extraction recipes and correction techniques from time to time.
However, you may have wondered if the flavor will be stronger if you grind it really finely, or if the flavor will be easier to remove if you raise the temperature of the water.

This project aims to resolve these questions by actually extracting and comparing them.
The memorable first time is the difference in grinding.

The finer the better, the coarser the cleaner.

Flavor depth is one of the most important factors in the taste of coffee.
It is often said that changing the grind size is a good way to control the amount of flavor.

There are various other factors such as the degree of roasting, so it's difficult to make a general statement, but it is generally said that the finer the roast, the stronger the flavor, and the coarser, the refreshing taste.

The finer the grind, the narrower the gaps between the powders, the slower the extraction speed, and the more slowly the powder is extracted, making it easier to get a firm finish.
On the other hand, if the powder is coarse, there are large gaps between the powders, which speeds up the extraction process and allows for smoother extraction, resulting in a cleaner flavor.

Of course, the finer the powder, the faster the ingredients will come out.

I actually extracted it

Now let's actually extract it.
This time, we will make the environment as similar as possible and extract so that there is not too much blur.

The coffee brand we use is ``[KKW] Kenya/Tim Factory/ SL28 /Washed'' which is stable and easy to extract.
The degree of roasting is light.

Method: Hand drip beans: 30g
Extraction amount: 420ml
Pouring amount: 500ml
Steaming: 50 seconds Water temperature: 91 degrees

This time, to make it easier to understand, I will try brewing with extremely different grinds.

[Finely ground]

[Coarsely ground]

There was a difference in the appearance of the liquid color.
When compared, those that were ground finely had a darker liquid color, and those that had been ground coarsely had a lighter liquid color.
Also, I get the impression that the coffee has a finer oil feel.

There was also a difference in extraction time.
The finely ground coffee finished extracting in a total of 1 minute and 50 seconds, while the coarse grind took 1 minute and 20 seconds.
There was a difference of 30 seconds.

When I tried drinking it, I got the impression that the finely ground coffee had a good body and richness, and the texture was mellow due to the oil. However, because the acidity was dark, the sourness became prominent as it cooled down.
Coarsely ground sake has a lighter concentration and has a refreshing taste, giving the impression that you can drink a cup easily. However, the overall flavor was lacking.

As is commonly said, the result this time was that "the finer the color, the darker the color, and the coarser the color, the lighter the color."

What is the recommended grind?

Now, based on these results, I would like to tell you the grind that I recommend.

Both fine and coarse grinds had their advantages, but they also had negative aspects.
The ideal taste is to take advantage of these qualities.

This time, we recommend "medium-coarse grinding" to everyone.
Rather than using a medium grind, we recommend a slightly coarser grind.
This is a grind that emphasizes "clean cup", which is one of the important factors when evaluating specialty coffee.

From the left: fine grind, medium coarse grind, coarse grind

Because it's not too coarse, it retains some richness and body, but by making it a little coarser, you can create a clean drinking experience. Furthermore, it is easy to finish a clean cup without any unpleasant taste, so the flavor is easy to detect and the grind has an excellent balance of sweetness and sourness.
It leaves a slight oily feel, so you can experience the smooth texture of a fine grind.

When I extracted it using the same recipe, the extraction time was exactly in between, 1 minute and 35 seconds.
The color of the liquid is right in the middle and has a slight oily feel to it.

From the left: fine grind, medium coarse grind, coarse grind

First of all, we recommend that you extract any brand using the grinding method introduced here.
The grind is the easiest to balance, so I think it will be easier to extract.

For those who want to extract more seriously, it is ideal to be aware of the flavor that each brand has, and to finely control the grind size depending on the taste you want to achieve.

For CROWD ROASTER brands such as "[KKW] Kenya/Tim Factory/ SL28 /Washed" or "[ SL28 ] Kenya/Kiamabara/ SL28 /Washed", you should use a finer grind. It is recommended that you do so.

On the other hand, brands that want to express a tea-like impression, such as "[CSLC] Colombia/El Paraiso Farm/ Castillo /Double Anaerobic Lychee" or "[SDE] Ethiopia/Sidamo/Ethiopian Genuine/Washed", should be ground coarsely. We recommend that you do so.

The [KKW] we used this time can of course be purchased on the CROWD ROASTER app, so if you are interested, please check it out!

>> Check the brand on the app

Even with the same brand, the taste changes by changing the grind.
I think it's fun to enjoy the changes in the grind!

Please try out various grinds and discover the grind that suits you best.

Hiroto Usukura