Panama's prestigious Geisha farms - Introducing 6 representative farms!

Panama is a country that holds a special place among the world's specialty coffee producing regions.
Panama is synonymous with Geisha coffee.

Panama Geisha is now one of the most highly traded coffees in the world due to its quality and rarity.
It is known as a unique coffee with a rich, complex aroma characterized by jasmine and citrus.

This time, we will introduce some of Panama's most representative farms.

Panama Geisha 's representative farm, "Esmeralda Farm"

Hacienda La Esmeralda is a farm located in Boquete, Chiriqui Province, Panama. It is located at the foot of the Baru Volcano, at an average altitude of 1,600m, and is blessed with a natural environment including abundant rainfall, rich soil, and preserved forests. Hacienda La Esmeralda is owned by the Peterson Family.

The name Esmeralda is a favorite among coffee lovers around the world.
After winning the international auction "Best of Panama" in 2004 with overwhelming acclaim, Esmeralda became known around the world. It went on to win the awards four years in a row. As a result, an auction category was created just for Esmeralda coffee, and the farm is treated as a special class.

Janson and Altieri win prizes at the BOP almost every year

"Best of Panama (BOP)" is an international competition and auction held in Panama every year. The winners of the year are decided in three categories: Geisha Washed, Natural, and Varietals other than Geisha .
The winning farms here are recognized as producing the best quality Panamanian coffee of the year, and are then competed for by coffee buyers from all over the world.

One farm that wins the Best of Panama award almost every year is the famous Panamanian Geisha farm of Altieri and Janson, known for its rich and noble flavor.

Geisha Geisha

Altieri Geisha is grown on farms located in favorable conditions at high altitudes.
In terms of the process, they have developed a unique method in which the coffee is dried slowly over time on African beds, then fermented and aged in a dark room with controlled humidity and temperature.

It takes a lot of effort to create its rich aroma and flavor.

Geisha Geisha

The Janson family's prestigious farm, one of the most prestigious in Panama, strives to live in harmony with nature, managing everything from the farm's soil to the ecosystem of the neighboring forest in great detail.
The top quality coffee produced from the family's philosophy and experience is considered to be in a class of its own even within Panama.
This coffee has a strong floral flavor that is characteristic of Geisha .

Kallithea Geisha : committed to classical processes

Located in the Volcan Highlands at the foot of the Baru Volcano in Panama, Farm Kallithea is characterized by its extremely blessed natural environment.

"Kallithea" means "beautiful view from the mountain" in Greek.
Surrounded by lush tropical forest with lemon and citrus trees, the property cultivates Geisha , Pacamara and Caturra varieties.

Since Caturra variety won the Traditional Washed category at Best of Panama 2015, Kallithea's Caturra has been ranked number one in quality in Panama.

Of course, the quality of Geisha coffee is also high, and it won a high ranking in the Best of Panama in 2019 with a high score of 90+. While many farms have focused on new processes in recent years, Kallithea Geisha , which sticks to classical processes that make the most of the natural terroir, has further improved its quality and reputation, and in 2023 it received the highest rating in the farm's history of 92.38 points.

With its rich aroma reminiscent of the natural beauty of Panama's Volcan Highlands and its exquisite flavor, this farm will continue to be one of the most noteworthy farms in Panama.

The Hartman family represents Geisha of Panama

Hartman is a coffee farm in Santa Clara, Renacimiento region, western Panama, that has been growing coffee for three generations.
With the motto of "Growing coffee in harmony with the environment," we have been growing coffee with a consistent philosophy and passion since our founding, respecting nature and the land and prioritizing harmony with the environment.

Mi Finquita and Guarumo, farms developed under a project by farmers Lativar and Tessie Hartmann, produce high-quality Geisha every year.

Since winning Geisha category at Best of Panama in 2020, it has become a farm of the highest quality, an indispensable part of Best of Panama's top rankings.

The company is also proactive in trying new processes, and its flagship process, "cold fermentation," uses natural water temperature to maintain low temperatures for long periods of time for fermentation, which has succeeded in bringing out unprecedented flavors, aromas and perfection.

Hartman's innovation, which makes use of natural conditions and processes without relying on energy, has made the world aware of the further appeal of Panamanian coffee.

In addition, Jesse Hartman established a new coffee farm, Bonita Springs, in the heart of Boquete, in the Alto Lino area, surrounded by rivers, waterfalls and valleys, on 36 hectares of land with the most abundant water source.

The farm, which protects natural forests and ecosystems, is actively cultivating relatively new varieties with an eye toward the next generation of coffee production in Panama, and has begun shipping high-quality coffee, mainly Pacamara , SL-28, Laurina, Catuay, and Caturra .

Auromar, the birthplace of the finest Geisha

The farm that grows the world-famous "Auromar Geisha " is a two-family project run by the Brenas family, who run Aurora Farm, and the Eleta family, who run the mill. The farm and the mill launched the project in 2006 to work together to produce higher quality Geisha coffee with greater precision, improve the living and educational environment of the people who work on the farm, and reduce the burden on the environment.

Auromar Geisha , also well known in Japan, won the 2022 Best of Panama award with its "Firestone Geisha Washed." The company has demonstrated its unrivaled and unwavering quality to the world. Only fully ripe cherries selected by experienced professionals are harvested, and strict selection is carried out in each subsequent process. Auromar's commitment Geisha quality, which involves a great deal of effort, gives off an aroma and flavor worthy of "Superior Geisha ."
In addition, the farm owner Roberto Brenes and his family discovered new possibilities for Panamanian coffee and developed an original Panamanian variety called "Lupao," which was born through natural crossbreeding on this farm.

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June 5, 2024