[Breaking News] 2024 World Barista Championship Semi-Finals: Japan's representative, barista Ishitani Takayuki, advances to the finals!

Good evening!
This is Mickey from CROWD ROASTER .
We are currently attending the WORLD OF COFFEE 2024 BUSAN・2024 World Barista Championship, which is being held in Busan, South Korea from May 1st, 2024.
This event brings together coffee professionals, and we report from the third day here.

Barista Ishitani advances to the finals with a spectacular performance

At the 2024 World Barista Championship, barista Takayuki Ishitani representing Japan made it through the semi-finals and advanced to the finals.

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The semi-final featured two types of coffee: Geisha grown at Finca Deborah in Panama, and Caturra grown at Finca Milan in Colombia.

The espresso is a blend of 16g Geisha and 2g Caturra , giving it a flavor reminiscent of pineapple, orange and guava.

The milk beverage uses a blend of rice milk and lactose-free milk, based on 17g of Caturra and 2g Geisha , and is perfectly balanced with espresso to bring out flavors of yellow peach, mango, and caramel.

The signature drink is inspired by the Negroni.
We combined rose, pine needles, and juniper berry infusion to resemble gin, fermented pineapple and brown sugar to recreate Campari, and Geisha coffee and vanilla bean sous vide instead of vermouth to create a drink with flavors of sage, white peach, blood orange, plum, and caramel.

It was a calm performance and a presentation that fully conveyed the Ishitani barista spirit.
After the presentation, Barista Ishitani had a look of relief on his face, which made us feel relieved as well.

Many Japanese fans and people involved in the event were in the audience, cheering them on.

Barista Ishitani's performance was highly praised and he made it to the finals.
The final will be contested by six competitors from Australia, Indonesia, the Netherlands, South Korea, New Zealand and Japan.
New Zealand's representative, Barista Kawashima, is also from Japan. I'm looking forward to tomorrow's final.

Meanwhile, the venue is also hosting WORLD OF COFFEE, which brings together coffee companies from all over the world.
Among them, GLITCH TOKYO, led by Suzuki Kiyokazu , a roaster participating in CROWD ROASTER , exhibited at ROASTERS VILLAGE and proved extremely popular, with queues so long that the booth could not be accommodated.
It gave me a glimpse of Japan's coffee culture, which fascinates coffee fans from all over the world.

We can expect even more great performances from Barista Ishitani in tomorrow's final. Keep an eye on Barista Ishitani, who says that he is having the most fun in his life as a barista right now.

I'll report again tomorrow, so stay tuned.