[ CROWD ROASTER coffee ranking] Top 3 brands to drink in spring

It's the second half of March, and we're starting to feel the spring weather, making it a fun time to drink coffee while enjoying the breeze outside.
Therefore, in this article, we will introduce the top 3 most popular brands from January to March 2023 recommended by CROWD ROASTER that you want to drink during the spring season.

3rd place [GSA] El Carmen Farm Geisha Anaerobic Natural

3rd place goes to "[GSA] El Carmen Farm Geisha Anaerobic Natural".
Geisha 's Anaerobic Natural is a rare coffee, but you can feel Geisha 's unique citrus flavor and sweetness like candied oranges, as well as the cocoa-like richness that is unique to Anaerobic, making it creamy and well-balanced. It is a brand.
At CROWD ROASTER , roasters Tanaka Yoshiya of SPARK COFFEE ROASTERS and Yuya Iwasaki of TAKAMURA COFFEE ROASTERS have become popular.

El Carmen Farm is owned by the Alfaro family, which has a long history of producing and processing coffee in El Salvador. They opened a farm in the mid-19th century and today it is managed by the fourth generation, Fernando Alfaro.
The family's mission has been to improve the three qualities of coffee. These are the quality of the cup, the quality of the environment, and the quality of life for the working community. We know that by keeping the environment surrounding coffee in a good condition, we can ensure the quality of our coffee.

Geisha , created by El Carmen Farm, is a refreshing cup of citrus flavor that you can enjoy while feeling the light spring breeze.

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2nd place [GJE] Ethiopia Zelerum Coffee Washing Station Natural

The next recommendation is "[GJE] Ethiopian Zelerum Coffee Washing Station Natural."
This brand of CROWD ROASTER has been extremely popular since it was introduced last year, and had the highest repeat demand. It has a distinctive clean taste, and the unique Ethiopian natural flavors such as apricot and berry become clearer in the aftertaste.
The balance is also very good, making it an approachable coffee that I would recommend to anyone.

Zeleram Coffee Washing Station is a washing station located at an altitude of over 2,000m in Guji, Uraga, and Solomo, Oromia.
Various rules have been established here to improve quality, and the cherries brought in are hand-picked again before processing, removing immature and over-ripe beans, and only producing highly uniformly ripe cherries. After carefully selecting the cherries, the washing station will accept the cherries. This increases farmers' awareness and harvest accuracy, allowing them to deliver stable quality every year.

Ethiopia is of very high quality. It's a cup you'll want to drink leisurely while enjoying the spring Hikaru .

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1st place [CSRT] El Paraiso Farm Rose Tea

The #1 winner is "[CSRT] El Paraiso Farm Rose Tea."
This is a brand from El Paraiso Farm, which is a popular farm in CROWD ROASTER .
As the name suggests, you can enjoy the scent of rose tea, rose jam, peach, and strawberry, and you can feel the fruitiness more.
It is a brand that offers a completely different experience than others, with a captivating sweet aroma and a sweet taste similar to black tea or strawberries.
Among the roasters participating in CROWD ROASTER , roasters Suzuki Kiyokazu of GLITCH COFFEE&ROASTERS and Roaster Yoshiyuki Nakamura of mamepolepole received many comments of being impressed by the results.

The province of Cauca, where El Paraiso Farm is located, is located in the Andes Mountains in south-central Colombia, and is known for producing specialty coffee of consistently high quality standards. Among them, El Paraiso Farm is highly rated. The owner of the farm, Diego Samuel Bermudez, is a very passionate farmer. We have thoroughly researched post-harvest flavor creation and created new flavors using anaerobic fermentation and unique drying methods. He is known as Colombia's leading anaerobic expert, having won 10th place with a carefully selected lot in Double Anaerobic Fermentation (Excellence).

The rose tea he creates from El Paraiso Farm offers a unique flavor that can only be found in this brand. It's a drink you'll want to drink when you want to take a break on holidays while feeling the freshness of the spring.

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--- One of the best parts of CROWD ROASTER is that you can enjoy different flavors of the same brand depending on the roaster.
If you're interested in a particular brand, it might be fun to order the same brand from multiple roasters.
A combination of top-class roasters and top-class green beans that is only possible at CROWD ROASTER . Please enjoy the unique taste.
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