CROWD ROASTER coffee experience

Have a cup of coffee.

From the beginning of coffee as a drink to the present day, the charm of coffee has captivated people's hearts. Whether it's enjoying coffee as a daily habit or enjoying a cup of coffee when you want to refresh your mood, the role that coffee plays as a turning point in your daily life is more important than you might think.

The rich aroma of coffee has a wide range of flavors, including not only bitterness and aroma, but also sweetness and sourness.

The strong aroma that only old-fashioned style dark roasted coffee has has the magical power to bring you the promised awakening that still captivates many coffee fans.

On the other hand, shallow roasting, as typified by third-wave roasting, is packed with a variety of methods that can bring out the incredible potential of coffee beans.

In the early days of the third-wave coffee market, there were some shops that had a lingering smell of undercooked green beans, but now just because it's shallow doesn't necessarily mean it's sour.

Cultivation standards and techniques in producing countries have greatly evolved, and the supply of high-quality green beans with a high sugar content has become commonplace.However, how can we create distinctive flavors and aromas? This is because an evolution that can be called revolutionary is occurring.

Of course, the roasting machines and roasting techniques themselves are constantly being innovated.

Endless coffee flavors

CROWD ROASTER uses icons to represent the various degrees of roasting, but if you look at the registered roasters, you will see the degree of roasting that they are good at.

Check the roasting machine you are using, select the brand of beans, and request a roast event if it is not running yet. It takes about 2 weeks to wait after ordering. When the coffee beans finally arrive, I compare them with the profile and flavor description of the roaster and brand.

I see. Is that how you came? The moment you take a sip of the deliciously aromatic cup, the pieces of the puzzle fall into place. Order one type of brand from multiple roasters and taste and understand the differences in the finish of each roaster by comparing them with each other's factors.

The taste of coffee is truly endless. This is the moment that makes you feel that way.

amazing potential

Personally, I think aromatic coffee is wonderful, but I'm also drawn to Kenya and Ethiopia, which have a sweet and creamy texture.

Recently, El Paraiso Farm's New Crop Lychee Lot [CSLC], which became a hot topic the year before last, seems to have a truly amazing taste. El Paraiso Farm cultivates Castillo , a variety that has not received much attention until now, at a relatively high altitude (nearly 1700m), and by incorporating trendy methods such as anaerobic and double anaerobic, they are able to express a variety of flavors. There is.

Speaking of last year's lychee lot, most roasters' approach was light roasting. Its lychee-like sweetness and aroma will capture the hearts of coffee lovers from the first bite. However, when I tried roasting this year's New Crop to a slightly darker tone using my test roaster, I was able to bring out a surprising amount of sweetness and a mouthfeel that hinted at its potential.

It would be no exaggeration to say that this texture and taste is exactly like a sweet. This year, what kind of expression will the lychee lot from New Crop's El Paraiso farm be made by the top roasters gathered at CROWD ROASTER ? I'm already looking forward to it.



Roasters with high-quality coffee beans from around the world and top-notch technology.
If you could freely choose the combination, wouldn't it be possible to create a cup like never before?
CROWD ROSTER is an app that proposes a new way to enjoy coffee, helping coffee lovers realize their dreams.

You can request your favorite roaster to roast the beans you have selected on the app. If you don't have enough beans to roast, invite others to join you. When users gather together, they can enjoy special coffee beans that can only be obtained here.