ORIGAMI, the dripper loved by Brewers champions

It's been about 12 years since I got into the world of coffee. I've bought and used a variety of drippers since I first started getting hooked on it, but the one I've been hearing a lot about for the past few years is "ORIGAMI."
What is the appeal of this dripper, which is also used in popular coffee shops?

Dripper loved by Brewers champions

ORIGAMI suddenly became famous when it was used by China's Jianing Du, who won the 2019 World Brewers Cup, a world coffee extraction competition.
Also, in Japan, Chikako Nakai of UCC won the 2018 Japan Brewers Cup using the Origami Dripper, and it is a dripper that is used even in the world where professionals compete in Shin competitions.

Why do champions use this Origami Dripper?
The key to this is being able to express the flavor you want to create.

20 deep ribs (grooves) for highly flexible dripping

The distinctive feature of the Origami dripper is that it has a total of 20 deep ribs (vertical grooves).
Why are deep ribs good?

The deeper the ribs and the more ribs there are, the better the hot water will drain and pass through. Therefore, the speed at which hot water is poured from the pot and the speed at which the hot water drains are closely linked, making it easier to create a clear taste.

Therefore, if you pour thick water, the water will flow faster and give you a refreshing and clear taste, whereas if you pour thin water, it will flow slowly and give you a richer flavor.

Depending on the pot control, the range of flavors that can be expressed expands, and the appeal of this dripper is that you can express the flavor you want to create.

Design with high heat retention

The Origami dripper is made of Mino ware, which boasts a 400-year history. The beautiful design, which resembles real origami, is another reason for its popularity.
The body is thin, so it has the advantage that it doesn't take much time to warm up the dripper.

Also, since it is made of ceramic, it retains heat well, so once it has been warmed up, the drop in temperature of the poured hot water is minimized, allowing it to drip while maintaining a consistent temperature. As a result, extraction efficiency can be increased.

Coffee is a drink that is sensitive to temperature changes. Since the flavor changes as the temperature drops (this is what makes coffee interesting), an origami dripper with high heat retention minimizes the change in taste during extraction. .
ORIGAMI is a dripper that can express a wide range of flavors, so if you have one, you can enjoy a variety of flavors.
At first glance, it seems like all you need is an ``ORIGAMI,'' but each dripper has its own unique benefits. I enjoy coffee by selecting a dripper depending on my mood and the brand of the day. We will be introducing the charms of various drippers and how to use them, so please look forward to it.

Hiroto Usukura