Easy and authentic taste How to use a French press

There may be many people who want to start brewing their own coffee, but are hesitant to use hand drip coffee.

The recommended device for such people is the ``French press.''

Although I now make coffee using a hand drip method, I first started making coffee at home using a French press.
In this article, we will tell you about the French press.

Enjoy the oily taste directly

When you brew coffee with a French press, you can directly enjoy the original taste of coffee beans.

When talking about this, I would like to talk about two important coffee extraction methods.

There are two main coffee extraction methods: immersion method and permeation method.

The ``immersion method'' is an extraction method in which ``coffee is soaked in hot water (or water) to dissolve the coffee components into the hot water.''
A typical brewing method is the French press.

The "transmission method" is an extraction method that "extracts coffee components by passing hot water through coffee grounds."
A typical brewing method is hand drip.

As mentioned above, the French press is an ``immersion'' extraction method, and the coffee grounds are soaked in hot water during extraction, making it possible to thoroughly extract the coffee components.
By doing so, you can directly feel the flavor of the beans.

Another feature of the French press is that the filter part is made of metal. If you use a paper filter, it may filter out the oil (which is also a good thing), but since the French press uses a metal filter, the oil is not filtered out, resulting in an oily-looking coffee.

How to use a French press

The appeal of the French press is its simplicity.
You can drink it just by pouring hot water and soaking it for a few minutes, and you can enjoy it without any special skills.

Now, let's take a look at the steps to actually use it.

[Things to prepare]
・French press (capacity: 350ml)
・Coffee powder (medium ground) 17g
・Hot water 300ml

① Warm the French press with hot water ② Put the coffee grounds into the French press ③ Pour hot water ④ Wait for 4 minutes ⑤ After 4 minutes, press and filter ⑥ Pour into a cup

As you can see from the steps, you can easily brew coffee by just pouring hot water and waiting.
Since you just need to pour hot water, no special skills are required, so anyone can make authentic coffee.
I still use a French press when I don't have time or when I want to have fun.
Recommended for those who usually use hand drip when they don't have time!

Why not start brewing with a French press?

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Hiroto Usukura