How to brew iced coffee [quick cooling method]

Recently, the number of days with high temperatures has increased, and I think more and more people are drinking iced coffee.

In this article, for those people, we will tell you about the ``quenching method'', which is the basic method of brewing iced coffee.

Two ways to make iced coffee

There are two main ways to brew iced coffee.
They are the "quick cooling type" and the "cold brewing type".

The "quick cooling method" is a method of quickly cooling coffee extracted with hot water using ice.
The rapid cooling method is characterized by a rich flavor and a gorgeous aroma. By rapidly cooling the coffee, it is possible to retain the taste and aroma of the extracted coffee.
If you use the quick cooling method, the taste of the coffee may change easily, so it is recommended that you drink it all within the same day.

As introduced in a previous article , the "cold brew method" is a brewing method that slowly extracts coffee using water.
Soak a coffee bag with ground coffee in water, place it in the refrigerator, and let it brew for 8 to 12 hours.
The characteristic of cold brewing is that it takes time to extract the flavor, as it is difficult for the flavors to blend in compared to hot water. By doing so, it is characterized by a soft texture and a gentle and refreshing taste.

The taste does not change easily over time, so if you close the lid tightly and store it in the refrigerator, it will stay delicious for about 2 days.

How to make quick-cooled iced coffee

Now, let's take a look at how to make quick-cooled iced coffee.

The key is to use more beans than when brewing hot coffee, as ice dilutes the flavor.
Ratio (for 2 people this time)
・Coffee beans (medium ground): 40g
・Extraction amount: 250ml
・Water temperature: 90 degrees ・Extraction time: 2 minutes

① Grind the coffee and set it in the filter ② Put plenty of ice in the server * A large server is recommended ③ Pour hot water into the coffee and let it steep for 45 seconds to 1 minute ④ Once it's finished steaming, start pouring the second pour ⑤ This time Stop pouring when the extraction amount reaches 250ml ⑥ Stir thoroughly and melt the ice ⑦ As the ice melts, the finished product will be about 360ml.
It is possible to easily brew iced coffee just by using ice in the normal hand drip process.
I think there are many people who have been hesitant to try brewing iced coffee until now.

You can easily make delicious iced coffee by simply controlling the amount of coffee beans used and the amount extracted.
Please try it at home.

Hiroto Usukura