[ CROWD ROASTER coffee ranking] Top 3 popular brands in June

In this article, we will introduce brands that were popular at the roast event held in June.
Please refer to this article and participate in the roast event!

3rd place [CT] Costa Rica/Ortiga Farm/ Caturra /Anaerobic Natural

3rd place goes to "[CT] Costa Rica/Ortiga Farm/ Caturra /Anaerobic Natural".

It has a unique cinnamon-like flavor and a sweetness reminiscent of caramel.

The combination of high altitude and fertile soil at this Ortiga estate produces coffee berries with concentrated flavors.
In addition, great care is taken in the selection of coffee cherries to produce high quality coffee.

This time's lot is coffee made from this farm's Caturra processed through anaerobic fermentation.

Please enjoy the taste created by Ortiga Farm's high selection techniques.

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2nd place [GSA] El Salvador/El Carmen Farm/ Geisha /Anaerobic Natural

2nd place goes to "[GSA] El Salvador/El Carmen Farm/ Geisha /Anaerobic Natural".

It is a full-bodied coffee with a citrus flavor and sweetness like candied oranges, and a richness like cacao and chocolate.

At El Carmen Farm, approximately 60% of the coffee is grown under shade cover.
This protects the coffee cherries from the harsh Hikaru and allows them to ripen slowly and evenly.
By harvesting and sorting only the ripe cherries and placing them in thin layers on an elevated drying bed, we produce high-quality natural, honey-processed coffee.

Enjoy the unique taste of El Carmen Geisha .

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1st place [CSLC] Colombia/El Paraiso Farm/ Castillo /Double Anaerobic Lychee

The first place goes to "[CSLC] Colombia/El Paraiso Farm/ Castillo /Double Anaerobic Lychee".

It is characterized by a clean citrus-like sourness, and as the name suggests, it has a lychee flavor, a rich peach-like sweetness, and a slightly milky impression.

El Paraiso Farm's coffee is carefully selected and dried to create a unique flavor that can only be enjoyed here, and is supported by roasters and coffee lovers around the world, making it so popular that it is difficult to obtain.
Farmer Diego Samuel Bermudez has thoroughly researched post-harvest flavor creation and created new flavors using anaerobic fermentation and unique drying methods.

During the hot summer months, making iced coffee with [CSLC] creates a refreshing taste that you can gulp down.
Please try!

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One of the best parts of CROWD ROASTER is that you can enjoy different flavors even with the same brand depending on the roaster.
If you're interested in a particular brand, we recommend ordering the same brand from multiple roasters.

Please enjoy the combination of top-class roasters and top-class green beans that is only possible at CROWD ROASTER .
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