What is Bourbon ? The journey of Bourbon , one of the two major Arabica varieties

One of the two major Arabica varieties

In a previous article , I talked about coffee tree varieties, but this time I will talk about Bourbon , one of the two major Arabica varieties, Typica and Bourbon .

By the way, as I mentioned in the previous article , this variety is not a botanical species, but a "cultivated variety."

These two cultivars are considered the two major varieties of Arabica because many of the coffee varieties grown today are derived from these two lines.

Also, although Bourbon itself has become less abundant, it is still cultivated and can be drunk as coffee.

First, let's start with the history of how this variety spread around the world.

Two major varieties brought from Yemen

Both Bourbon and Typica are descendants of coffee brought from Yemen.

The exact origins of coffee being cultivated by humans are not known, but in Yemen, where the use of coffee began in the 15th century, coffee was cultivated in earnest in the latter half of the 15th century.

It is said that the Ottoman Empire and the Islamic Shia dynasty that ruled this area prohibited the export of coffee trees and seeds, but in the late 17th century, they were brought to India and cultivated. Typica strain was then transplanted to Java.

Bourbon , on the other hand, is said to have its origins in coffee seedlings given to French merchants by the King of Yemen in the early 18th century.

This sapling was sent to Réunion Island ( Bourbon Island), a colony being developed by France, and cultivation began, but it is said that only one sapling survived due to the different environment and climate. .

Being a self-pollinating Arabica, the descendants of this tree multiplied throughout the island, making Réunion Island the first French colony to successfully cultivate coffee.

And the descendant of this single tree is " Bourbon ."

Spread to Central and South America and Africa

Bourbon was brought to São Paulo, Brazil from Reunion Island in the mid-19th century. Because the environment was suitable here, it became widely cultivated, and eventually became the main variety cultivated in Central and South America.

Furthermore, Bourbon was brought to East Africa by French missionaries, and cultivars such as SL28 and SL34, which are grown in Kenya and Tanzania, are said to have been selected from this Bourbon .

In addition, Caturra and Percus were born in Central America as mutants of Bourbon . Many more cultivars have been created by hybridizing these.
However, over time, Bourbon itself was not resistant to coffee rust and was less productive than cultivars produced by crossbreeding, so although it was praised for its superior flavor, it was replaced with new varieties. I went.

Characteristics of Bourbon

Yellow Bourbon with yellow ripe fruit
A distinctive feature of Bourbon coffee beans is their size. Compared to other varieties, Bourbon tends to be smaller. Coffee cherries are usually red, but yellow ones also exist. Yellow coffee cherries are called yellow Bourbon (amarello) and are traded as rare coffee beans.

The taste of Bourbon can be described as having a strong body and rich flavor. It is rich and has a sweet taste. Yellow Bourbon in particular is said to have a stronger sweetness than regular Bourbon .

Bourbon coffee was originally grown in different countries. However, many countries have now switched to cultivating other, more productive coffee beans, and this is now a rare variety. The current Bourbon producing countries include Brazil in South America, Guatemala in Central America, and Rwanda in East Africa.

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