Raw Sugar Roast Yuya Kosakada roaster joins CROWD ROASTER !

Roaster Yuya Kosakada from Raw Sugar Roast , located in Kyodo, Tokyo, will be joining CROWD ROASTER as a new member!
To commemorate this, a tasting set called "KOSAKADA Sugary BOX" is now on sale.
This set allows you to enjoy light roast coffee with overwhelming sweetness and complex flavor by roaster Yuya Kosakada .
Kosakada has been working as a barista for many years, striving to bring specialty coffee to as many people as possible.
As a next step, we are spreading the appeal of our coffee to even more people through roasting.

An up-and-coming roaster making a dashing appearance on the Tokyo coffee scene

Yuya Kosakada Manabu as a barista at the shop of world barista champion Paul Bassett, and has worked as a barista since the launch of GLITCH COFFEE & ROASTERS, a famous light roast shop in Jimbocho, Tokyo.
I was invited by Suzuki Kiyokazu , the owner and roaster of GLITCH, when he decided to leave Paul Bassett and work as a barista there for five and a half years.
Kosakada , who originally started out as a musician, preferred genres like punk that broke down preconceived notions.
When he first learned about the job of barista, he thought the idea of ​​making coffee for one person in a world where mass production is the norm was "super punk."
From this encounter, Kosakada became fascinated with the world of coffee. During his 10 years of experience as a barista, he has been thinking about how to convey the appeal of coffee to more people and develop coffee culture even further.

One answer is to roast our own coffee and control the flavor to deliver it to more people.
Raw Sugar Roast was opened in Setagaya, Tokyo in 2022 in collaboration with Oda Masashi, who has experience working for roasters both in Japan and abroad.

As the final anchor continuing from the production area

Kosakada 's roasting does not just produce coffee that is delicious to drink, with a monotonous flavor and easy-to-understand taste, but creates "coffee that you can face" with a complex interweaving of flavors that come from the coffee's original variety and terroir.

Kosakada aims to create a flavor that will convince drinkers at first sip, as a way to convey the charm of coffee to as many people as possible. He hopes that this will spark interest in the characteristics of each coffee-producing region and its producers, and provide an opportunity to learn more about the coffee.
The roaster that Kosakada operates is a Giessen roaster that has high heat retention and is capable of building flavors and expressing a rich mouthfeel. He carefully creates detailed profiles down to the second, making sure to maximize the characteristics of the coffee.
Kosakada says that he carefully designs operations with the goal of minimizing human error.
On top of that, we always check the coffee by cupping, and we adhere to the stance that roasting is an "amplifier circuit" for creating flavor that is inspired by the origins and the feelings of the producers.

A tasting set where you can fully enjoy Kosakada 's roasting

To commemorate the participation of roaster Yuya Kosakada , we will start selling a limited number of tasting sets called "KOSAKADA Sugary BOX"!

This is the first ever tasting set from CROWD ROASTER , packed with Kosakada 's attention to detail.
This time, Kosakada grilled the following three unique varieties.

[CSLC] Colombia El Paraiso Farm Castillo Double Anaerobic Lychee
[GJE] Ethiopia Zeleram Washing Station Ethiopia Natural
[ SL28 ] Kenya Kiamabala SL28 Washed
[CSLC] is characterized by an overwhelmingly strong refreshing flavor like lychee and a rich sweetness like strawberry jam. [GJE] is a sweet and sour taste like blackberry wrapped in a gentle and clear sweetness. [ SL28 ] has a rich flavor like blood orange, but you can enjoy a refreshing sourness!
Each coffee was able to fully taste the unique characteristics of its own brand, and I could also strongly sense the outstanding sweetness and clarity brought out by Kosakada 's roasting techniques.

With this set, you will be able to get a feel for Kosakada 's passion for roasting and coffee.
This special package is available in limited quantities, so please purchase it and enjoy the deliciously sweet coffee roasted by Kosakada .