Is the filter of Origami dripper wave? V60? What's the difference in taste?

Recently, I've been seeing more and more shops using origami drippers.
However, I see different shops using different filters, such as wave filters or conical dripper filters.

I think the only dripper that has a different filter type is the Origami Dripper.
So, let's take a look at the effects of different filters.

This time, I would like to compare the "Wave Filter" and "Hario V60" filters.

The major difference is the construction of the "ribs" and "bottom"

First, let's look at the differences in the structure of each filter.


The wave filter has a trapezoidal shape, but the Hario V60 has a conical shape.
Wave filters have a bottom, but the Hario V60 does not have a bottom and has a pointed shape.

Generally speaking, wave filters collect hot water at the bottom and seem to have a stronger taste, but what kind of effect does this difference in shape have?


The wave filter has vertical grooves that look like folded origami, and there are 20 waves.

On the other hand, the Hario V60 does not look like it has been folded and is perfectly straight.

What kind of effect does this difference in ribs have on the taste?

I actually extracted it

I actually tried brewing coffee.

Both coffee beans are of the same brand, the same grind size, the same water temperature, and are extracted under the same conditions as possible.
I used the brand "El Salvador SL28 Washed Medium Roasted" by CROWD ROASTER .
[Extraction method]
・Beans amount: 30g
・Extraction amount: 450ml
・Water temperature: 89 degrees ・Steaming: 45 seconds ・Extraction time: 2 minutes

The wave filter has a flatter bottom, which allows the hot water to accumulate and give it a more flavorful feel.
Hario V60 gave me the impression that hot water flows more smoothly than Wave.

What changed with the filter?

When I actually drank it, my impression was that the wave filter captures the flavor better.
The ribs of the origami and wave filter fit together tightly and apply pressure to the coffee, giving the impression that it is able to extract the flavor well.
I think it goes well with natural brands and brands with a rich flavor.

On the other hand, the Hario V60 feels lighter than the Wave, but I feel it is a recommended filter when you want to drink refreshingly.
It seems to go well with washed products and brands with distinctive fresh flavors.

What did you think?

This time, when I actually extracted it, I was able to feel the difference in taste depending on the filter.

For CROWD ROASTER , I think Kalita Wave goes well with brands that have a rich sweetness and good balance, such as "[GJE] Ethiopia/Zelelum/Ethiopia/Natural."

I got the impression that Hario V60 would go well with a brand with a distinctive refreshing flavor like "[CSLC] Colombia/El Paraiso/ Castillo /Double Anaerobic Lychee."

I would like to continue to examine how the taste changes depending on the equipment used and the brewing method.
looking forward to!

Hiroto Usukura