What is the Costa Rican Anaerobic Honey Process? [Coffee Fanatic Hitomi 's Deep Coffee World No. 17]

Hello! ! Coffee Fanatic Hitomi ! !

Final section of the pulped natural part of the production process...

Finally, I would like to go to Anaerobic Honey, which is the last stronghold.

[Variation of honey process in Costa Rica]

●White White (finished)
●Yellow Yellow (finished)
●Gold/Red/Black Gold/Red/Black (finished)
●Anaerobic/Culturing Anaerobic/Culturing (⇐ Here!!)
●(Extra edition) Nicaraguan black Shin beads (!?) Perla Negra

In addition, this time we will also introduce Nicaragua's scary honey process (lol).
Ryo Mikami

Ryo Mikami

After graduating from university, due to certain circumstances, he worked at Starbucks and encountered the potential of coffee. After many twists and turns, he joined a trading company specializing in specialty coffee. He opened his eyes to the Fanatic path and has been involved in a wide range of work from commodities to specialty products, including market price analysis, production site visits, product fair reviews, competition coaching, extraction, roasting, and equipment proposals. CROWD ROASTER advisor.