CROWD ROASTER brand introduction (9) El Salvador Hota Hill Selection Center

There may be some people who would like to participate in a roast event but find it difficult to do so because they do not know the characteristics of coffee brands.

For those people, this project will introduce in detail the coffee brands that CROWD ROASTER handles.

This time we will be introducing "[ SL28 ] El Salvador/Santa Ana Region/Hota Hill Selection Center/ SL28 /Washed"!

Spicy and complex. Enjoy a clean cup full of sharp acidity, sweetness, and flowers of various flavors.

The Santa Ana region in the northwest of the Republic of El Salvador, near the border with Guatemala, is the region where the highest quality coffee is produced in El Salvador.
On the slopes of the Santa Ana volcano, the region's symbol, there are many coffee plantations that take advantage of the volcanic soil, and the humidity and winds coming in from the Pacific Ocean create a wonderful microclimate. The highest quality coffee in the Santa Ana region is said to have a higher quality and taste than neighboring Guatemala.

This time we will be introducing a maniac coffee made from single-origin coffee carefully selected by the local agricultural cooperative at the prestigious Hota Hill Selection Center.
We collect coffee grown at excellent farms in the area, and we have selected by far the highest quality coffees by cupping.

In addition to the juicy, sharp acidity that characterizes SL28 , the flavors of ginger, apricot, and anise also stand out, and the two harmonize in a well-balanced manner.
Although it is not a brand from a single farm, it is of such great quality that you would think it was made by an agricultural cooperative!
The altitude and soil were carefully selected among the surrounding farms, and the cleanliness of the cup makes it stand out among the high-quality El Salvadoran coffees.

Depending on the degree of roasting, this coffee has a wide variety of flavors, from mild sweetness to citrus fruit. Don't underestimate the fact that this coffee is produced by an agricultural cooperative, and you can enjoy the complex flavor that is only possible because it is produced by an agricultural cooperative.
This is a great product that you should try and compare different roast levels.

Basic information about Hota Hill Selection Center

Country of production: El Salvador Region of production: Santa Ana region Variety: SL28
Altitude: 1,370-1,800m
Producer: Producer near the selection center

Yoshiya roaster will visit and roast event will be held!

[ SL28 ] Hota Hill Selection Center is considered a prestigious selection facility and has a reputation for its quality.
Basic flavor: grapefruit, ginger, apricot

Roaster Tanaka Yoshiya ( SPARK COFFEE ROASTERS ), a participating roaster of CROWD ROASTER , visited the site in 2013.
``It's no exaggeration to say that my personal standard for washed coffee quality is here at Hota Hill.''
Yoshiya is also holding a roast event where he roasts Hota Hill Selection [ SL28 ]!
I'm really looking forward to seeing how Yoshiya roasts this beloved coffee.
If you would like to try it, please join us at the roast event! Participation is possible from 125g.