A new way to enjoy coffee: “Roast Event”

For those of you using CROWD ROASTER app, have you experienced the roast event yet?
Some of you may already know about it, but I would like to once again introduce you to the appeal of roast events.


CROWD ROASTER is a revolutionary app for coffee lovers that will completely change the way you enjoy coffee. This app is a cutting-edge platform where Japan's leading roasters will roast your coffee beans for you, connecting coffee professionals and coffee enthusiasts to create an innovative coffee experience. To do.

One of the most distinctive mechanisms is the "roast event."
Users can request their favorite roasters to roast their chosen coffee beans (green beans).
If the roaster accepts the request, a "roast event" will be launched and participants will be invited.
Once a specified number of participants have been gathered, roasting will begin and freshly roasted coffee will be delivered to the participants.
Users can request roasting on their own. The roasters who receive the request write down how they will roast the food in advance, and other participants read the details and join the roast event.
We will introduce some of the benefits of roast events where you can get coffee only once.

You can request roasting by a roaster that suits your tastes.

CROWD ROASTER is comprised of roasters with Japan's leading skills and passion, each with their own unique roasting style. Choose a roaster that suits your tastes and have them roast your coffee beans using their magical roasting techniques. Through dialogue with our roasters, we will understand your coffee preferences and create a special cup.

Variety of coffee beans lineup

CROWD ROASTER has a lineup of green beans that have been evaluated by coffee industry fellows and roasters, including not only brands provided by famous domestic trading companies, but also coffees with high cup scores and brands that are difficult to obtain. Masu. You can enjoy a wide variety of brands from major coffee producing countries such as Central America, South America, and Africa, and at a wide price range.

It is also possible to stock coffee beans.

With the CROWD ROASTER app, you can also purchase and stock up on green coffee beans. Although there is a shelf life, it is a new style where you can stock brands that are popular in the community and request roasters who match your sensibilities to roast them whenever you like. You can choose your favorite flavor and roast level and have your favorite green beans roasted for you.

A coffee experience that will change your values

With CROWD ROASTER app, you can choose a roast event based on your favorite flavor and roast level, and you can also request your favorite roaster to roast a special green coffee for you.
At CROWD ROASTER , you can get a once-in-a-lifetime custom-made coffee.

Through this kind of ordering experience, can you truly find the coffee you like?
By interacting with coffee lovers, roasters, and coffee professionals to choose coffee, I wonder if it will be possible to discover coffee like never before.
CROWD ROASTER is a platform that allows you to deeply understand and experience coffee, which was born from this idea.
Discover a new way to enjoy coffee at CROWD ROASTER 's roast event.