The birthplace of Arabica! Introduction to coffee producing regions around the world “Ethiopia”

As a specialty coffee producing region, Ethiopia can be said to hold a special position among the world's coffee producing regions.
This is the birthplace of Arabica coffee, which is unique in its quality, unique flavor, and variety of native species.

We have previously covered the history of Ethiopian coffee, but in this article we will introduce its characteristics and production regions.

Characteristics of Ethiopian coffee

As mentioned earlier, Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee arabica, and a huge number of indigenous varieties grow and are cultivated there.
This genetically diverse population is called the Ethiopian native species or Heirloom.

Ethiopia's coffee, which is home to a variety of native varieties, is characterized by its floral, tea-like flavor. Another characteristic is the citrus acidity.

This unique flavor, which is hard to find in other regions, is often recommended as an introduction to specialty coffee. It has a unique flavor that stands out from the typical image of coffee.

Geisha variety, which has become popular around the world in recent years, is also native to Ethiopia, and its characteristic floral and jasmine flavors are shared with Ethiopian coffee.

Typical production areas in Ethiopia

Ethiopian coffee brands are rarely distributed under the name of the farm, but are mostly distributed under the name of the washing station (WS), which collects and refines coffee cherries from small-scale local producers, or the name of the production area.

Even within a region, some well-known regional names are treated like one brand name.
Let's introduce some of the most representative areas.


Sidamo is a production region that is a representative brand in Ethiopia. Located in the Shidama prefecture, it is characterized by its citrus flavor, sweetness, and smooth texture. It also has a floral flavor, making it an orthodox coffee representative of Ethiopian washed coffee.


It is a production region in Ethiopia that produces coffee with a distinct terroir and is now a standard among specialty coffee brands.

Even within the Yirgacheffe area, many lots are being offered in smaller areas, washing stations, agricultural cooperatives, etc.

The so-called Yirgacheffe flavor is characterized by a floral scent like jasmine, citrus, and a tea-like black tea flavor.
Furthermore, nuances such as ginger and lactic acid appear, and there is diversity within the region.


Until a long time ago, Guji was classified as part of the Sidamo region. It is now recognized as a region with unique flavors and diversity, and has produced many coffees that have won awards at the COE.

Its characteristics are uniquely powerful in Ethiopia, which has a relatively delicate impression, and the terroir has strong acidity and sweetness.

In addition to this, there are other traditional production areas such as the Kaffa region, which is said to be the origin of the word ``cafe,'' and Harar, which was exported from Yemen's Mocha port in ancient times, but these are not as well known as specialty coffee. I think the regions listed above are representative.
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