Learn about the power of Panamanian coffee at La Hueria Geisha and Lupao, which landed in Japan for the first time

At CROWD ROASTER , we have been introducing the charm of Panamanian coffee, centered on the world's best Panamanian Geisha .

This time, we would like to once again introduce ``La Hueria Geisha '' and ``Auromar Farm Lupao,'' which are the rarest coffees that CROWD ROASTER handles.

La Hueria's precious lot "N97"

``N97'' is a new flagship of Panamanian coffee created by Pedro Mos, the owner of ``La Hueria'', a solitary innovator who changed the world's understanding of coffee, through years of exploration and unique methods. The extremely rare Geisha bearing that name is "La Hueria Geisha Natural N97 Anaerobic Lot2".
Farmer Pedro Mos plants his coffee cherries on African beds in his own landscaped refinery, where he processes them day and night.
Also, out of consideration for the natural environment, we have researched and utilized unique fermentation technology to avoid using large amounts of water. In particular, the attention to detail and quality of the honey process is such that people around us say that it is the best in the world.

Huella means "fingerprint" in Spanish. When communicating with indigenous harvesters who do not use written words, they use finger prints rather than signatures, so we have adopted it as our brand mark.
Each coffee cherry is picked by a skilled harvester and carefully finished by hand, which is a guarantee of quality.
His commitment led him to win the Golden Folk Award at the UK Great Taste Awards, also known as the "Oscars of Food," in 2019, and in 2020, he achieved the remarkable feat of winning five varieties of roasted beans.

"N97" is the highest grade coffee based on the concept of "perfect score" according to Pedro Mos' own evaluation, and is the second lot named Lot 2 of the 2022 process.

There are not many opportunities to enjoy this truly precious Geisha .
A very complex aroma and taste that adds to the flavor unique to Geisha seeds. This is a special brand that allows you to experience coffee like never before.

New brand “Lupao” arriving in Japan for the first time

A new Panamanian variety "Auromar Farm Lupao Natural" will be introduced for the first time in Japan.
CROWD ROASTER handles this rare coffee.
Auromar Farm is a farm that grows the world-famous "Auromar Geisha ", and a completely new original Panamanian variety called "Lupao" was born here through natural crossbreeding.
Farmer Roberto Brenes and his family discovered new possibilities for Panamanian coffee, and the ``next generation coffee'' that they have grown with the utmost love is finally making its debut to the world. .

Among the growing Geisha trees of Auromar, two extremely short trees were found, far apart from each other, that did not resemble either Geisha tree or any other known varieties. . Chromatographic analysis also revealed that 70% of the grapes are hybrids containing Geisha species, and the remainder is a combination of Catuai and traces of Bourbon .

After that, the planted area was increased and the new variety was shipped in small quantities.The new variety was named "Lupao", combining the names of the two eldest granddaughters of Roberto, the founder of the Auromar family, Lucia and Paola. It was done.

Lupao has a calming, full-bodied Panamanian Geisha scent and aroma. It also has a strong aftertaste from more traditional Arabica varieties.
You can feel the deep love that the people of Auromar have put into this coffee.
This new variety of coffee, ``Lupao,'' is a very valuable coffee that will be introduced for the first time in Japan.

So far, we have introduced two types of rare Panamanian coffee that we carry at CROWD ROASTER .
At CROWD ROASTER , we would like to continue to introduce you to these wonderful Panama coffees.

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