The fun of roasting never ends! Roaster roundtable discussion [SCAJ2023 review]

SCAJ 2023 (SCAJ World Specialty Coffee Conference and Exhibition 2023) was an annual specialty coffee festival held from September 27th to 29th.

At CROWD ROASTER booth, under the theme of "Gathering of Artisans," we will invite all the coffee professionals in the industry, including roasters, baristas, mechanics, importers, and producers, to perform various special shows that can only be seen here.・We have delivered special content that you cannot listen to.
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There will also be archive distribution, so if you missed any events, please take a look!

A roaster roundtable discussion that you won't hear anywhere else will be held with all 3 roasters!

We invited four roasters, including Roast Design Coffee Mikami Hitomi and Ryo, SPARK COFFEE ROASTERS Tanaka Yoshiya , and THE COFFEESHOP Daito Hagiwara , to give a talk entitled " What's interesting about roasting? " We had a session.
We asked the roasters who are participating in CROWD ROASTER to give maniac and honest talks that are hard to hear again.

We immediately asked about the interesting parts of roasting. Regarding this, Mr. SPARK COFFEE ROASTERS Yoshiya explained that he created the store by considering the installation environment of the roasting machine, and that he uses a roasting machine with an assembled body made of cast iron, which makes the machine interesting. He told me.
THE COFFEESHOP Mr. Hagiwara explained that the standard of ``delicious'' differs from person to person, and that he has never achieved a perfect roast score of 100, so he points out the fun of pursuing that goal.
Roast Design Coffee Mikami Hitomi is all about flavor creation. He talked about the fun of flavor creation and profile creation, using the example of how he completely threw out the roasting profile he had been using and recreated it from scratch in order to achieve the flavor he was pursuing at his restaurant. .
Ryo Hitomi has taught me how to roast, and while I have taught it to various people, I have learned that even if you roast in the same way, each roaster will always have their own unique taste. He talked about his experience of going there.
After that, the roasters will continue to talk about roasting in more depth.
Hagiwara 's profile changes depending on the amount of beans added, Mikami Hitomi 's goal of roasting with fixed heat (!), Yoshiya 's story about roasting without samples, etc.
It was an interesting story between all three people.
You can watch this roundtable discussion from the archive distribution below, so please take a look!
Various talk events were held at the CROWD ROASTER booth at SCAJ 2023.
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