A valuable conversation between Japan's representative roaster Nakamura who is challenging the world and coach Hitomi ! [SCAJ2023 event review]

SCAJ 2023 (SCAJ World Specialty Coffee Conference and Exhibition 2023) was an annual specialty coffee festival held from September 27th to 29th.

At CROWD ROASTER booth, under the theme of "Gathering of Artisans," we will invite all the coffee professionals in the industry, including roasters, baristas, mechanics, importers, and producers, to perform various special shows that can only be seen here.・We have delivered special content that you cannot listen to.
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A valuable conversation between Japan's representative roaster Nakamura , who is challenging the world, and coach Hitomi !

From 13:00 on the 27th, we will be working as a coach with mamepolepole Yoshiyuki Nakamura , the Japanese representative, who is making final preparations for the world roasting competition "WCRC" to be held in Taiwan this November. We invited Ryo Hitomi to give a talk show.
Under the title "How to become the world's best roaster," we asked Mr. Nakamura about what the world competition is like and what kind of roasting he is aiming for.
Natural process coffee was a rare issue in the preliminaries of the JCRC, which is a Japanese tournament, and the direction of roasting in the tournament, where sweetness is the key point even though light roasting is trending, and at the time of sample roasting He talked about the ins and outs of roasting competitions, which you don't often hear about, such as having to predict flavors.

Starting this year, the score sheet for the world championships will change, so Hitomi is gathering information and Nakamura is busy repeating verification. Hitomi also explained the new score sheet.

Coach Hitomi also seems to have complete confidence in Nakamura 's roasting skills, making him even more excited for the world championships that the two of them will take on.

Nakamura -san and Hitomi 's valuable talk session can be viewed from the archive distribution below, so please take a look!

Various talk events were held at the CROWD ROASTER booth at SCAJ 2023.
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