What are the points to be careful about when brewing in winter? ~ Usukura style winter drip recipe [November edition]

hello everyone.
This is Usukura from CROWD ROASTER .

It's getting colder and colder these days, making hot coffee even more delicious!
Coffee festivals are held all over the country on weekends, and the coffee scene is becoming very exciting.

It's getting colder, and the extraction environment has changed from the hot summer months.
If you're really particular about it, we recommend changing your extraction approach depending on the season!

In today's article, I would like to introduce a recent brewing recipe titled CROWD ROASTER Usukura Winter Drip Recipe [November Edition].

The key is to be careful about temperature control.

Winter weather has officially entered, and the atmospheric pressure is stable and high due to the continued sunny days, and the dry weather makes it easier for the coffee grounds to absorb hot water, so the overall flavor is enhanced. It's getting easier.

As a result, if you brew as usual, the flavor tends to become darker.
Therefore, we recommend that you extract recipes that will help clear your skin overall!

[Extraction ratio]
Beans: 30g
Extraction amount: 420ml
Pouring amount: 500ml
Extraction time: 1 minute 50 seconds Steaming: 40 seconds Grind: Medium coarse Water temperature: 91 degrees

① Take care of temperature control

The taste of coffee changes as the temperature changes.
Therefore, it is very important to carefully control the temperature and extract it.
Since it's getting colder, the temperature of the hot water can easily drop.
It's common to find that the temperature is lower than you expected when you try to brew, so we recommend using a thermometer to properly control the temperature.

② Shorten the steaming time

Due to the dryness of winter, the environment has become easier for coffee grounds to absorb hot water.
This makes it easier for the hot water to penetrate, but if you steam it for too long, even the flavors you don't want to remove will come out, resulting in an overall dark finish.
Therefore, we recommend rounding up the steaming time a little earlier.

The method introduced here is just one method.
The interesting thing about coffee is that the taste can change just by changing the way you brew it.
Enjoy these changes and try brewing coffee with various extraction recipes!

Hiroto Usukura