Hikaru Ono took 2nd place! Japan Brewers Cup (JBrC) 2023-2024 will be held

The Japan Brewers Cup (JBrC) is a coffee brewing competition that has been held since 2014.

JBrC is a competition in which contestants choose their own hand-operated devices that do not involve mechanical power, such as paper drip, flannel drip, French press, and aeropress, and compete on their extraction techniques. The contestants are diverse, and the contestants' individuality and ingenuity are tested, as well as their technique and knowledge, in order to bring out the charm of coffee.

At the preliminary competition, contestants use officially roasted beans as a "required service" and are judged purely on taste.
After that, in the semi-final/final competition, each contestant brings their own roasted beans as part of the "open service," and the appeal of the beans is showcased through extraction techniques and presentations. It becomes an important element and reveals the personality of the contestant.

JBrC attracts a lot of attention among coffee competitions, with many competitors competing in hand-drip coffee.
The final competition of JBrC 2023-2024 was held on November 29, 2023.

Roaster Hikaru Ono ( Brewman Tokyo , JBrC2022 Champion), who is participating in CROWD ROASTER , participated in the finals!

Competition results have been announced!

As a result of JBrC 2023-2024, Hikaru Ono roaster is ranked 2nd!
Although we were not able to win the championship, we still managed to come in 2nd place, which was a great result.

The final standings are as follows.

1st Saza Coffee Co., Ltd. Wataru Iitaka
2nd Brewman Tokyo Hikaru Ono
3rd Luxury Goods Research Institute KOFFEE MANEYA Kakeru Takahiro Oishi
4th Bespoke Coffee Roasters Daiki Hatakeyama
5th UCC Holdings Co., Ltd. Chikako Nakai
6th Philocoffea Co., Ltd. PHILOCOFFEA ROASTERY&LABORATORY Manami Nagasaki

Iitaka, who won the championship, will represent Japan at the WCC Chicago in April 2024.
I wish you all the best!

At the SCAJ2023 CROWD ROASTER booth, Ono brewed coffee for us.
This is an extraction showdown with Mr. Shiraishi, the JBrC 2023 champion.
You can see it in the archive, so if you are interested in Ono 's extraction, please check it out!

Also, with CROWD ROASTER app, you can make a roasting request <roast event request> to Mr. Ono !
Mr. Ono 's roasting method, which works backwards from extraction, produces coffee that is easy to drink and has a strong flavor.

Please feel free to participate in the roast event and make a request!