[ CROWD ROASTER coffee ranking] Top 3 popular brands in November

In this article, we will introduce brands that were popular at the roast event held in November.
Please refer to this article and participate in the roast event!

3rd place [ETH] Ethiopia /2020-2021

The third place is “[ETH] Ethiopia ”.

Cotowa Farm, which spreads out at the foot of the Baru Volcano in western Panama, is a historic farm that was opened in 1918 by Mr. McIntyre. Using the abundant water flowing from the volcano, we built a hydroelectrically powered coffee selection facility, and began everything from cultivation to selection and drying under natural conditions.

Ricardo Coiner, the fourth-generation owner of the farm, is highly regarded around the world as a leader in specialty coffee cultivation in Panama. It has won awards at numerous competitions, and the name "Kotwa" is well-known as a brand.

It's a very complex coffee with an exotic, perfume-like impression.
It has a strawberry-like berry acidity and a milk chocolate-like sweetness that lingers for a long time.
Please enjoy the unique taste of Kotowa Farm.

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2nd place [SJBA] Brazil/San John Grande Farm/ Bourbon /Anaerobic

2nd place is “[SJBA] Brazil/San John Grande Farm/ Bourbon /Anaerobic”

The owner of the farm, Mr. Eduardo Campos, always pays close attention to the protection of the natural environment, and strives to return the land to nature without touching anything other than what is necessary for agricultural production.
We are also actively working to regenerate trees in accordance with the vegetation on cultivated land, maintain good water quality in rivers, and maintain vegetation.

Bourbon , which was once Brazil's main variety and one of the two main varieties of Arabica coffee Bourbon has an excellent flavor, but has now been mostly replaced by disease-resistant varieties. Only a few of the many farms in the area.

This anaerobic-finished Bourbon from the precious Saint John Grande Farm is a limited batch made for CROWD ROASTER . You can't get it anywhere else.

This batch is a complex and distinctive coffee with a Brazilian aroma, a fruity sourness that is not typical of Brazil, and a slight anaerobic fermentation.

There are many roast events happening now, so I think it would be really fun to participate in events with different roasters and compare the drinks!

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1st place [ SL28 ] Kenya/Nyeri/Kiamabara Coffee Factory/ SL28 /SL34/Washed

The first place goes to "[ SL28 ] Kenya/Nyeri/Kiamabara Coffee Factory/ SL28 /SL34/Washed".

Top quality coffee from Kenya's Nyeri region, which is by far the most famous and high quality coffee in Africa.

You can enjoy the sharp presence of citrus fruits typical of Kenyan wash.
In addition to Nyeri's typical berry flavor, it has a creamy texture and apricot-like sweetness. It is characterized by a complex flavor that leans towards sweetness.
The varieties consist of SL28 and SL34, and are harvested at an altitude of around 1600m. You can also feel the refreshing aftertaste that is unique to free washed.

It's getting colder, and it's the season where coffee with a strong body tastes delicious!
[ SL28 ] is a brand that has an excellent balance of sweetness and sourness, while also allowing you to enjoy just the right amount of body.
This is a brand you should try during the cold season, so please ask your favorite roaster!

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One of the best parts of CROWD ROASTER is that you can enjoy different flavors even with the same brand depending on the roaster.
If you're interested in a particular brand, we recommend ordering the same brand from multiple roasters.

Please enjoy the combination of top-class roasters and top-class green beans that is only possible at CROWD ROASTER .
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